Bug reports should be sent to , who would also appreciate receiving any corrections or enhancements. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful but without any warranty , without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Data is also logged to a CSV file with options for automatic backup and trimming. An options dialog allows the user to configure units used for display and in the CSV log file. WxShield users can configure up to 20 wireless sensors. When the program runs interactively, entering ‘0’ to ‘4’ will change the logging level from nothing to everything.

wmr88a software

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Web pages can also be created from templates and uploaded to a web server via FTP. The wind chill is normally calculated when an anemometer reading is received. The following data is accepted from Oregon Scientific weather station consoles:. It also documents some RF protocols of Acu-Rite brand wireless sensors. Keyboard entry is checked only every 10 to 20 seconds approximately depending on the length of the main loop.

This is supported by the hidapi native library. The data is sent over a USB link to a computer desktop or embedded. Values are calculated for each logging interval, except rainfall which is totalled since the previous midnight.


Wmr88 software download

See the download page to obtain this program. This document covers all known versions 1. You will find features here for a wide range of users, from novices, to experts.

Data is also logged to a CSV file with options for automatic backup and trimming.

The X10 home automation system has been around a long time now and can control home appliances by sending signals through household wiring and also provides wireless capabilities. I am currently running WxLogger on a Raspberry Pi. Click here to find out more about this capability that was released in version 4.

Weather Station Data Logger

The log format could be customised by changing method logMeasures. WSDL is now under development again.

wmr88a software

Another difference is that rainfall is cumulative for each day since midnight. This format is compatible with that used by the original WeatherView software supplied by Oregon Scientific, except that measurements finish with an indoor dewpoint and a UV index.

This program is free software. Graph setups can be saved for later recall; you can create setups for different kinds of weather — storms, heat waves and so on. This results in a missing hour of data or a double hour of data respectively. Screen Shot of Version 4. Many aspects of automatic log file backup and trimming are also configurable.


Wmr88 software

On Linux, for example, this requires creating libhidapi. It also supports the WxShield reciever for Oregon Scientific wireless sensors. The name WxLogger derives from the common abbreviation WX for “weather conditions”.

wmr88a software

Error messages and the following hourly summaries can appear in the log output. See here for some frequently asked questions. On Windows, for example, this requires creating hidapi. WxLogger will probably therefore work for all of these weather stations, though not the WMR The display includes most of the wmr88a available on the console, analysis of wind and temperature data plus graphs of temperature, pressure, wind and rain over varying periods of time.

Virtual Weather Station Download Center

The code is based on the discoveries by others of the weather station protocol. The program can be run interactively from a console. The separate program wxmove a Perl script is included to help with moving data files from a memory stick or sogtware drive to the hard disc of another computer.