However, I seem to have a problem healing with Vuhdu. Originally posted by jeffsquared:. Fixed an issue where the Exp Bar mode would not display for a level 90 character who recently bought Warlords. Clique and my Death Adder mouse have been friends from the very beginning. Razer Naga’s side buttons correspond to keyboard keys or numpad , don’t they? But from what ive seen is each team in the raid takes care of itself.

vuhdo addon deutsch

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Added an option to hide coordinates in the Minimap. Log in No account?

Not having access to Warlords content would have been a serious detriment to the cause. Updated various frames to work with the new WoD changes. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Originally dehtsch by Freyar:.

It’s kept my party alive on more than one occasion because it dims a person’s box if they’re out of range and I don’t always see that in a fight where I’m moving around a lot. Fix an issue not being able to invite connected realm guild members while using the “Hide Realm Name” option.

vuhdo addon deutsch

Updated the New Item notification. On another note, I wanted to keep this for when I finally launch V4, but due to my financial situation not improving In fact, the horizon looks grimI decided to open a Patreon accountthis allows supporting members of the community to donate on a monthly basis to sustain me which in turn would let me devote even more time to LUI and start video series on it and such. It may be early to pronounce but I have met someone that could breath some fresh life into the LUI textures and we might have updates here and there to prevent V4 to look exactly like V3 “but with better code”.


vuhdo addon deutsch

It is disabled by default as of last version, but some people may still have it enabled. While they may receive some perks for donating as mentioned on the Patreon pageI hope people that will donate will do so to show their support for me and my projects and NOT as a way to pay to get a better service. To fix that, you need to disable the Chat Module and reload the UI. It worked, but it was kind of annoying to move my mouse to the far left side of my screen: You can change reaction colors under the Unitframes’s Misc Colors option tab.

Have squaresoft implemented any decent raid healing interface?

Personally I use a combination of Clique and Grid with my Naga using numkeys for the mouseover macrosbut I’ve never even tried Vuhdo, so I wouldn’t know which was better. Specifically I’m looking for something where you click on a raid member’s bar to heal them, right click is a different heal, shift click would be yet another heal or status cure, etc The foremost being that its not confined soley to the party list but also triggers when you hover the mouse over an actual character aswell which can lead to miscasts if youre not careful.

I released a few videos two months ago but I realized I never made a front page post about it, so unless you checked the forums, my twitter feed or you were a Patreon Supporterthen chances are you missed them. Orange, Silver and White – RaidMenu: Fixed an issue with the ClearMarkers button being unresponsive.


Max value may be wrong as we do more research on how it is handled mechanically.

vuhdo addon deutsch

Fixed an issue with lingering player border colors. When I go over the boxes to heal someone and press the side buttons of my naga, nothing happens.

I would like to also mention that V4 is coming along quite nicely.

PVE Healing UI/Addons Guide with JoshPriest

Or should I use another add-on that is similar to Deutcsh Fixed an issue where the Exp Bar mode would not display for a level 90 character who recently bought Warlords. I havent had to heal a raid yet and ive only done the 3 crystal tower raids.

A note I want to add before anyone jumps to conclusion: Just bind the macros to the mouse and go at it. This isn’t something we can fix, it’s an issue on Blizzard’s side, addo you do disable LUI, it’ll just act the same and blame another addon instead.

PVE Healing UI/Addons Guide with JoshPriest – World of Warcraft

Added an option to hide the dragon textures. Add support for Heroes of the Storm in Friends display. A reload of your Vundo will be necessary I believe. Scroll down to Phunkz’s comment.