And the best is in my opinion that it integrates multiple audio streams and a midi stream at the same time no need for Loopbe or something similar. Then I found a forum post that suggested using JBridge – also does not work for me without any complications. It can be used in networks as well by connecting to an IP address. Now each new loop goes to a new looper but I’m sure it must be possible. I tried something with Bidule, but not successfully. It seems I continue having some glitches with the interfaces of some 32 bit plugins.


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I had another little play and came up with this awesome little soundbite delayed drumloop with adsr modulated filters and panners etc. I asked in the Reaper forum for some better instructions how it can vstfoex used, and about how to measure latency for the case that it works.

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It could be promising as it is a pleasing interface and sync is tight. From time to time I can use the knobs, suddenly it stops responding to my mouse input.

Those loopers look damn sexy. Ruling the World would be a pain in the arse anyway. If I am not wrong that’s technically not possible to connect vstforx 32 bit to the 64 bit sender and vice versa. Still, well worth supporting, I think.



A blank slate for VSTs is very much the way i use Mulch. But, to be honest, I am too lazy to recreate an already good interface with hundreds of knobs and buttons. And I do not understand how to trigger the dialogue for saving and loading those patches created in the Nova Control VST. I admit a lust for repeating my mistakes. I had no trouble running a loop that was synced to the bpm and overdubbing to that to keep things in time.

Vsrforx Usine it looks like this: Shit, and that reminds me seamus Sender and receiver must have a matching unique identifier.

But, maybe you can tell me the trick. I wouldn’t agree with other users who think that generally all Synthmaker or all Synthedit or Whatever plugins are not good, as some of them provide exactly the functionality that I need, and that you cannot find somewhere else.


As far as i can tell it comes with no “contraptions”. Will tell you later about what I find out.


The loop type selectors don’t really work. I noticed it can generate “parameter” values from audio signals. Assumed that it has a low latency such as theVSTforx described in the next post below and does not kill my Vsfforx to run so many daws at the same time, I think this is the easiest and most elegant solution that I found so far. And I really need a pan pot on each slot.



I can see why you might think it is if you think the internal contraptions are lacking in some areas. Originally posted by GaryG View Post. That is why I am still looking at solutions like virtual midi cables, ReWire, and this one above. They’re just modded RCs. Last edited by magickz Looking forward to the bit bridge type capabilities vstfodx they’re implemented so I can still use older plugs within this.

P He is really an admirable artist.

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I now am convinced of the power of a hollyhock looper! With only one input and output, it seems without it, only self-modulation is possible. Perhaps you meant something else. I began setting up Mobius again. Release Notes What’s Coming?