We can send you a link when the PDF is ready for download. The latest version of VMware Tools supported by the host should be installed on each virtual machine. If performing backups with the granular recovery option enabled, the location of the Job Results folder should contain additional space to accommodate at least 2 percent of the total amount of data being backed up. Watson Product Search Search. Requirements for File Recovery Enabler. For example, VDDK 6.

vmware vddk 5.5

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Virtual Disk Development Kit

Search results are not available at this time. The default cluster size is bytes per cluster. The tables below correlate the .55 mover versions with the VDDK versions and the supported data mover operating systems. Check here to start a new keyword search. Installing the data mover on unsupported or untested operating system might work, but no support can be provided.

Starting with VDDK 5.

vmware vddk 5.5

Older vmwarw are not recommended. At a minimum, the version of VMware tools on virtual machines must be supported on the host; unsupported versions must be upgraded. Please fill all the fields. As a general rule of thumb, each version of the VDDK supports vCenter Server for the two previous major versions and for the next minor version.


Requirements for File Vmsare Enabler. Web Pages selected for export: The cluster size or the allocation unit size of an NTFS volume in a virtual machine must be multiple of bytes per cluster. Restoring Virtual Machines with Live Recovery. See the tables in “Resolving the problem” section for a mapping between the data mover version and VMware’s VDDK version and supported data mover operating systems.

Before configuring backup of any ESXi servers, ensure that you are using Essentials licensing level or higher.

Virtual Disk Development Kit – VMware {code}

Commvault Network Proxy Appliance. Third-party maintenance minor releases or service packs that are supported by the Commvault software may not be listed in our System Requirements. To ensure that all components can communicate through the firewall, ensure that the ports for web services default: United States English English. The following table shows the required versions for features that are dependent on the version of vCenter Server and associated software.

Beginning with Version 7.

System Requirements for Virtual Server Agent with VMware

Search bddk or find a product: Additional considerations regarding minimum requirements and End-of-Life policies from third-party vendors also apply. Platforms that are supported in the current version of Commvault software may not be supported in earlier versions of the software.


In some cases, these minor releases or service packs affect how the Commvault software works. Web Pages are being exported as a PDF.

System Requirements for Virtual Server Agent with VMware

Support includes all updates for each major version unless an update is specifically excluded. IBM Vmwzre Check here to start a new keyword search. This backward compatibility failure is due to changes in the getVM method between vSphere 5.

Prior to performing any backup or restore operations, ensure that the following port requirements are met.

vmware vddk 5.5

In other words, VDDK 5. For example, VDDK 6. Tivoli Storage Manager Data Mover 6. For more information, see Correlating build numbers and versions of VMware products