This code makes them thinner. This rounds off the corners of these text boxes. All Rights Reserved – Privacy Policy. Yes, there is something there, it will appear OK in Thunderbird. You can change that and its colour, font family, style etc. To get an even cleaner, uncluttered look to the menus you can hide the keyboard shortcuts strings.

userchrome.css thunderbird

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All Rights Reserved – Privacy Policy.

You can delete userChrome. Ernestas Gruodis Ernestas Gruodis 3, 10 10 gold badges 33 33 silver badges userchrome.cds 83 bronze badges.

This file is designed to be manually edited using a text editor. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. You can change that and their colour, font family, style etc. Substitute your own colours for “Highlight” and “-moz-Dialog” and for color depending on your system highlighted selected text colours.

userchrome.css thunderbird

A selected row takes the colour of the system selected text Highlight. The text of dropdown menu items can be changed like anything else. Here’s a neat trick.


userchrome.css thunderbird

The Thread pane shows your list of emails. Here is one where unread mail is shown in forestgreen and bold to match the green unread icon. It gives a very clean and uncluttered appearance.


Anything else you add to the userChrome. A chrome folder will be created with the userChrome. For instance, for Windows XP it should be somewhere like: Also, you can have unread and new mail display differently. I prefer to not have the folder’s name highlight unread or new mail by becoming bold, in fact I also like them to be green like the unread and new mail shown in the Thread pane.

The splitters between panes are overlarge for my liking at 6px. You can move or copy userChrome.

Linnhe: Thunderbird Chrome

I prefer it to remain highlighted. If you have Windows or use the Classic style in XP then include this section after the above to round these as well. The background colour is an image why, who knows?

If you just want to change the font size or family etc of the main menus and items then this will do.


change Thunderbird main window • mozillaZine Forums

Change the font size and family, even style. Adjust the height as you want.

userchrome.css thunderbird

For Linux and Mac users? After this you can insert your code. If elsewhere you set the selected text thunderbirc be any other colour for instance, I use blue background, white text system-wide this must go after any other code for treechildren:: This page has been accessed 1, times.

In Thunderbird there are several such dialogs; the Account Manager dialog and less common the Mail Preferences dialog especially. Sometimes there are too many separators in menus. You can remove them with this:.

You may need to change the color from black to suit your system Selected Items highlight scheme. In addition – Thunderbird Copy and paste the following line as the first line of the file if it doesn’t already exist. Go to your profile folder.