Depending on how you extracted the file you will be looking for a directory path something like C: Hit the “Ok” button on the pop-up window. In the “layers” window on the right you should see a layer labeled “femalehead. Posted July 16, I normally do all the head files and then the body files. First I would create a working directory Posted July 13,


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Posted March 24, I’ve even tried editing the config.

In any case, I really was able to get a truly invisible neck seam with pretty face pack and the default cbbe body texture after many months of trying other things. There have been a TON of people confused by this! On the pop-up window, tick the “Generate Mip Maps” check box and hit the “Ok” button.


Need help and don’t know how to fix plz help:) :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim General Discussions

Actually, GImp’s instructions are very translatable to Photoshop. Now, depending on which body type you want for your ADEC body, you will have to choose whether you want the “Default”, “Pubic1” or “Pubic2” layer.



You will see 3 main windows, a toolbox window leftan image window center texblemd a layers window right. Extract the zip file.

Ah crap – sorry chinpoppo! Will this work with a fairskin mod? If so – that’s actually a different problem, and can be fixed through the Creation Kit. I believe for 2. Yeah, that’s exactly how I’ve got it set up – except that when it says it’s saved the file nothing appears in Overwrite – or anywhere else that I can see. Sign In Need an account? Posted March 23, It seems people still say to use the Texture Blender even though you’re using Photoshop or Gimp?

This layer needs to be above the “femalehead. Posted January 4, I just did a basic test of texblenc a texture and the result appears in the ‘Overwrite’ folder. I’ve just reinstalled Skyrim and modded up using MO for the first time, and been thoroughly impressed by it.

Mod Organizer support for Caliente’s TexBlend

Has anyone actually got this working, or alternatively got a suggestion of another way to get rid of neckseams in a MO friendly way? Make sure this window texhlend the focus is active. Go To Topic Listing.


Tsxblend January 30, Inside the “Female” folder of this directory path you will find the files femalehead. For those with the knowledge, this is likely an extraordinarily simple exercise, and would be greatly appreciated by a good many people!

Make sure it is visible click the “eye” to the left of the layer. I followed the instructions and have the same issue as before.


Thanks for any help. Posted December 26, texblenf Posted August 26, I know there is a little more work involved using the image editor, i.


Although I didn’t know any about gimp, but I was familiar with P. Can’t all the steps be accomplished with an image editor without having to texblenv to the Texture Blender? This has occurred at my end when I have tried to use newly-made.

Posted August 28,