Office Phone [0] The price is 9. Jimmy Dewar left in , returning to Glasgow to rethink his career. Session musicians were used on later recordings and, despite working on one-night stands and package tours, disaffected Luvvers began to drift away. In fact, all the people who have heard it have enjoyed it, but everyone seems to have a different favourite track, so it seems there is something to appeal to all tastes.

stumbledown romancer

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stumbledown romancer

The club was owned by Tony Gordon, who had commercial ties in London. Miller had quit the Stoics, but Chrysalis, with whom he had a publishing deal, suggested he pair with guitarist Robin Trower, who had recently left Procol Harum. With Bell on vocals and Harvey on guitar, the unit gelled perfectly and they quickly became one of Glasgow’s most popular attractions.

The realigned unit then moved across town to the hipper Le Phonograph, where they became regulars. This was the last Robin Trower album to feature Dewar.

If you have ever listened to the original Stone the Crows or Robin Trower at his peak, then you’ve heard the voice of James Dewar. She joined the group, which quickly took another name inspired by the new arrival, Lulu and the Luvvers. Sadly, a few years ago, Jimmy went into hospital for a minor operation, and when he came out it was obvious that he had suffered some kind of brain damage possibly triggered by the anaesthetic.

Towards Christmas, perhaps people would like to send in radio requests for the track called Hosannabecause this was intended to be the ‘Christmas single’, and it could become a popular and seasonal anthem if enough people hear it!

In Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin’s manager, came to Glasgow to see them and within a matter of months they had won a management and recording deal. They were preparing to be the resident act at a new club, the Burns Howff, when Leslie Harvey and Maggie Bell walked into a rehearsal.


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As you can imagine, it is very difficult for Chrysalis to market a CD when the artist is not able to go out and promote it with live shows, interviews, etc. Indeed the entire selection is nicely restrained, a contrast to the sometimes turbulent sound of the Robin Trower band. As interest became increasingly focused on Lulu, the role of the group diminished. Naturally, Jimmy and his family are delighted to see this album released at long last, and the staff romncer Jimmy’s hospital all like it, too.

Stumbledown Romancer

He is currently hospitalised in Glasgow, struck by a progressive illness without cure. By kind help stumbleown Matthew, Judith gives more information on this album and the story behind it to the visitors of ‘Beyond the Pale’. Romnacer Fisher was again romzncer hand for the bulk of the recordings, producing and adding organ, piano and synthesisers.

This should be interesting to Procol Harum fans because of Dewar’s Trower connection and because Matthew Fisher produced the album and even wrote some of the music.

However, the axis of the band rojancer moved — the singer and guitarist were also a couple — and both Dewar and McGinnis romqncer unhappy with the diminished role they now played in the group they had formed. CeeDee Mail — e-mail: What Jimmy needs is to have his music played on the radio, so if any fans decide to buy the CD or even if they don’t! This worked out very well, because at that time Jimmy and his family were living just round the corner from Matthew, so the album was recorded in the relaxed and friendly surroundings of Matthew’s home studio.

Office Phone [0] Hopefully, the release of this CD will prove a timely reminder of Jimmy’s gifts, which have contributed so much to so many well-loved bands, and are here revealed for the first time in an intensely personal repertoire of his own choosing. The price is 9.


stumbledown romancer

Chrysalis is now under new management, and they recently got out the tapes of Jimmy’s album, listened to it, and decided they liked it and wanted to release it as a tribute to him, as one of the major artistes who helped to build up the label in its early days.

Procol Harum Beyond the Pale. The guitarist and drummer formed a new band, Romxncerwith ex-Cream bassist Jack Bruce, while Jimmy gradually dropped out of professional music altogether. The best thing for Jimmy to do was to sing in a power trio with Robin. In City Dreams and Caravan to Midnight were completed before Allen quit and the group reverted to a trio for Victims of the Fury Unfortunately, after that nothing happened, because Chrysalis never got around to releasing the album, so the tapes lay forgotten and neglected in their archives.

FAX — same prefixes as credit-card hotline — [0] By February he had secured a deal for the group with Decca, and the result was Shout rokancer, one of the definitive singles of the Beat era. His playing was always sympathetic and his earthy duets with Bell were genuinely moving. Now, much as a result of efforts by Matthew’s sister, Judith Fisher, this album has been released. Sock ‘Em JB were together for only a matter of months, ending when Miller formed a new group, Westfarm Cottage, en route to the Stoics.