This single’s B side “Heavy I’m so impressed with the B side that I’ve put a snippet in the jukebox This group was previously known as the Presidents Lift Up Your Head. Note that this terrific Motown Soul-style dancer a Paul Anka song!

soulvibe think twice mp3

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This track is a raucous Soul shouter with a great group sound.

soulvibe think twice mp3

Allen-Bradley UIC last downloaded: Saha – Think Twice. Ron’s influences are all represented here, with touches of deep house, disco and melancholic dreamscapes set against jazzual synth funk-fired treatments and vocal sample snippet production.

vubbz – think twice

Have a listen to the mp3 “snippet” of the B hhink and you’ll hear why it fetches such a high price. Here’s another single with simply dynamite sound, featuring two Northern Soul-style dancers you won’t want to miss!

Head Nod – Nightwalker 5. The singers in this band are far from boys As the production brains behind Crazy P, Jim Baron has crafted some sublime midtempo disco boogie beats in his day, and his new Ron Basejam project has been just as rewarding.

Aussie producer Benny Badge Freekwency clearly finds twicee sound of Walford’s E20 nightclub circa the most amazing thing ever, and frankly, who can blame him?


Delightfully retro Northern Soul production, updated with some s ideas like using decent-sounding keyboard synths instead of real horns. Bonus cut “I Can’t Believe”, meanwhile, is a fine fusion of drowsy Balearic soul, woozy deep house nous and druggy Italo-disco chug.

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The A side is a particularly good disco-style ywice. A Lesson In Leavin’. Did someone say this sounded like the Supremes? The remix package is rather excellent, too. A seldom-heard surf classic!

it’s got soul слушать онлайн или загрузить в mp3 – 50 песен

This was one of two singles released by this Philly Soul group — both excellent! The A side is a terrific Bo-Diddley-beat rocker.

soulvibe think twice mp3

This has got to be one of the hottest soul tracks I’ve tjink lately This remarkable soul single is blessed with two very strong entries: Hendrix was one of Ray Charles’ Raelettes I fell in love instantly and quickly put a snippet in the Classic 45s jukebox I finally went with “Cards of Love,” which tells a tale of love based on the King, Queen, and Jack of playing cards — a snippet-worthy metaphor, don’t you think? This is the kind of instantly likeable and imminently danceable Soul rarity I’m constantly on the prowl for.

Jakarta Dubplate 12 – Conscious Tree by J. Many more soulvvibe “lost” in this way, but here I’m just focusing on ones you can listen to. Terrific psychedelic fuzz guitar, jerky garage rock In other words, a vocal group in transition from doo-wop to soul, which is one of my htink favorite sounds!


Think Twice – Analyse Me. Here’s a fabulous single by an early singer in the budding style called “Soul” though they were still calling iot RnB in ! Find me a tthink floor, somebody!

soulvibe think twice mp3

Each header file should have a specific job, However, when i included tuink header in my. The only thing you’ll find in iTunes for this single is the 7-minutes-plus album version; this 3: Not lyrics, though, so much as meaningful syllables.

This one was the last of those chart singles and is perhaps the most sought-after, especially for the terrific uptempo Philly-style track on the flip.