In addition, the charmers provided a valuable source of snake venom for creating antivenins. During a performance, snake charmers may take a number of precautions. Most would-be charmers thus begin learning the practice at a young age from their fathers. The recordings were done in stereo. Today, cultural changes are threatening the profession of the snake charmer in India. Their venom is like that of a snake, like a deaf serpent that does not hear, that does not respond to the magicians, or to a skilled snake-charmer.

snake magudi sound

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They were hustlers, yes. In West Africa, charmers have been observed to treat the snake’s body and mouth with herbs that paralyze the jaw muscles and cause inflammation of the venom glands.

Snake charmers are often regarded magudk traditional healers and magicians, as well, especially in rural areas. This is less true today, as many charmers also scavenge, scrounge, sell items such as amulets and jewelry, or perform at private parties to make ends meet.

Snake charming – Wikipedia

At the end of April they left Kathmandu, heading to Pokhara, after that it was time for them to head back home with their earnings. Although snakes are able to sense sound, they lack the outer ear that would enable them to hear the music.

The most popular species are those native to the snake charmer’s home region, typically various kinds of cobrasthough vipers wnake other types are also used. I spent about days a week for the next 2 months, recording their music and their snake shows on mini-disc and videotape.

Their venom is like that of a snake, like a deaf serpent that does not hear, that does not siund to the magicians, or to a skilled snake-charmer.


snake magudi sound

The Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer. One reason for this is the rise of cable television; nature documentaries have extinguished much of the fear and revulsion once felt toward the animals and thus demystified the snake charmer.

Magudi (Snake Tune)

North African nsake usually set up in open-air markets and souks for their performances. These charmers concoct and sell all manner of potions and unguents that purportedly do anything from curing the common cold to raising the dead.

snake magudi sound

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Another proposal would try to focus attention on the snake charmers’ music and treat them like other street musicians. Members of the audience in that region believe that the snake’s ability to deliver venomous bites comes from its tongue, rather than fangs.

Retrieved from ” https: Today, cultural changes are threatening the profession of the snake charmer in India. They asked if I wanted to see a show The exercise also teaches the hunter how to handle the wild reptiles. More drastic means of protection include removing the creature’s fangs or venom glandsor even sewing the snake’s mouth znake.

snake magudi sound

Once the performer finds a satisfactory location to set up, he sets his pots and baskets about him often with the help of a team of anake who may be his apprentices and sits cross-legged on the ground in front of a closed pot or basket. Psychic Driving Tapes by Aaron Dilloway. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Members of the Pakkoku clan of Burma tattoo themselves with ink mixed with cobra venom on soumd upper body in a weekly inoculation which may protect them from the snake, though there is no scientific evidence of that.


Except for the pythons and mangrove snakes, all of these species are highly venomous.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. In India, the Indian cobra is soun, though some charmers may also use Russell’s vipers.

Snake charming

At home, snake charmers keep their animals in containers such as baskets, boxes, pots, or sacks. There is the occasional rumble of a car passing by, and the low murmur of the locals checkin’ out the white kid with the fancy gadget hangin’ with the snake dudes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One suggested solution is to train the performers to be snake caretakers and educators.

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The recordings were done in stereo. In a viral video made headlines about an infant who was playing with a defanged cobra. Methods of dealing with the fangs include expert surgical removal of both the fangs and replacement snqke, which has been done by some Native American and African snake charmers.