The SISpro building window For example, you can create two equipment items, one based on Prisma Plus enclosures, theother on Pragma enclosures, then create two quotations in which you select either one item ofequipment or the other, and thus compare the two solutions. The various project steps Device connected to terminals 7. The project can beconsulted or printed.

sispro building 2.1

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Standard Windows standard tool bar for managing files and data 3 p.

sispro building 2.1

On choice of switchboard architecture p. The list contains only the distribution blocks that are compatible with the devices to be grouped. For more details, see Using data p. Page 36 Design step – Choice of equipment products Modify the list of favourites Action Products or Access to Favourites Result Opens the window Favourites or F10 Organise the favourite categories The list of favourites can be organised into various categories.

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Rename the project You can change the name of the project directly in the Building General View: End by pressing Enter. Page Doors 29 Front plates 21 Devices 17 Mounting plates 13 Enclosures 11 Design of a Prisma Plus switchboard – The Prisma Plus switchboard views The Prisma Plus switchboard views The various switchboard views are placed on superimposed layers of the drawing, as though they were tracing paper, i.


Results tab This tab presents, builsing table form, the following information: Design of a Prisma Plus switchboard – To go further still Organisation of the Prisma Plus window Presentation You have many possibilities for organising the design window of a Prisma Plus switchboard according to your preferences. Space for entering functional descriptions 5.

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Enter the category name, then press Enter. No checks are run by the software. Horizontal partitioning between modular functional units may be required for form 3.

When a project is opened, if the price list used for this project is not the current one, a messageappears. To create this type of group, both devices must be electrically connected so that one is the child of the other. Form 1 corresponds to the lowest protection and Form 3 to the highest protection.

Equipment Presents the calculation of the equipment selected in the Building General View. Devices are represented by various icons: You can choose page size as well as the title block in the sheet model p. Project information is organised into 3 categories: Click on the equipment item you wish to import. The project can beconsulted or printed. The free rows available in the enclosure are displayed at the top of the window.


In the tool bar, each command is represented by a button.

sispro building 2.1

To manually designate the incoming device: Pragma or Kaedra switchboards. Choose the mounting options, then click on Memorise.

SISpro building 2.1 – Schneider Electric

Click on buipding button Add to List. Automatic installation is a two-step process: In switchgear zone or On HSI door. For cubicles, the side panelling included in the list of Selected components is automatically positioned on each side of the first group of cubicles that does not already contain panelling.

To buildiing a category of favourites: For each device considered, the wizard determines the group of terminals attached to it. You can cancel this grouping in order to view each part number separately by ticking the box Deploy part numbers.

For more details, see the option: