Tons of great ideas and characters are scattered throughout the books. Rodney rated it liked it Oct 01, Seeing psychics get an O. However, they’re inclined to feed on just about anybody they can get their teeth into. They’re tough-ish avg M. They get the ability to spit fire, a variety of disconnected psychic powers including Pyrokinesis , and get a wide variety of supernatural powers as they level up. Books by Kevin Siembieda.

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And don’t worry about killing a creature they bonded with, because they totally knew what they were getting into! Ancient Weaver rated it really liked it Jun 08, Psysczpe any case, it’s mostly poularly human and d-bee psychics, though the implications of being non-psychic in a society where psychic powers are so highly valued isn’t really explored at all. Speak backwards, optional presumably says Yhabbayar, yes.

Traditionally, psychic classes don’t have requirements at all, but some of these buck that trend anyway Steven rated it it was amazing Jul 05, Ever since then, Psi-Implants have started to show up on the open market, with the Coalition putting a 10 million credit price on his head.

Palladium books are already overloaded with dog-themed character classes; here’s one more, slightly more magical and tricky than most.

And like that book, it does help This is how furries begin. Jun 09, Bradley rated it it was amazing. Incorporating material from this book, apparently they now have programs to train Psi-Slayers, Psi-Nullifiers, and Psi-Techs.


So, they get the ability to radiate their emotions, and I guess this is supposed to be an advantage in that it makes them painfully sincere, it also just allows anybody around them to know what they’re feeling. However, they’re inclined to feed on just about anybody they can get their teeth into.

Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape

In any case, the city supposedly straddles both the real world and the astral plane, and only psychics can see it – others only see mist and can only stumble into it by forcibly traveling int othe mist, though likely the local defenders will try to drive them away first. Also, for some reason this ability gets well over a half-page describing what various feelings are. Robert rated it it was amazing Aug 29, They get their whole own “bubble magic” system where they can place spells in a bubble that are released when they pop, and guide those bubble around psychically.

These are psychic Predators, like in the movie? There’s a description of an embassy complex even though there are no apparent contact with other city-states that might have embassies.

And if you think, “Well, I can’t wait for my old psychic character to go there and train with Psyscape’s masters!

Warehouse 23 – Rifts: Psyscape

An entertaining amount of monsters as well. This is a mutation that’s emerged out of the Magic Pstscape, and the book goes to pains to emphasize their intangibility is a mutation and not psychic, and works through mysterious means. Illegal drugs destroy people. Here are the major changes: Wait, I actually did run that plot line in high school.


As usual, I’ll be covering some but not all. Rodney rated it liked it Oct 01, You get increased effect if you’re evil when using radiate horror factorone of the few reasons to ever worry about your alignment. There’s at least an interesting note that though official Coalition orders are to kill them, most actual Coalition soldiers on ;syscape ground consider them to be good luck omens and don’t do so.

Nowak’s Dragon-Cat is a psuedo-reptilian large cat that are pretty nice guys because, hey, that’s a twist or something? The gender division of this R. Unfortunately, they have a weird kind of gambling mechanic where they have to guess the amount of energy a wizard or monster is using for a spell and match or beat it, inviting system mastery for their actual power usage. Since it can create rifts, they used its cooperation to create a rift to the astral plane where Psyscape was built, and also as a means to return to Earth.

As such, Psyscape is a bit forgotten, without any strong focus once it does its big class dump is over.