This is the best music player on meego hartmann. The post QuasarMX Pro 1. Just one question — is it possible to directly incorporate the Play by Radio function of the N8? Download Latest Nokia Store. Claim or contact us about this channel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Its simple interface lets users easily input their bill schedule.

quasarmx n8

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The ‘pro’ music player QuasarMX moves on, updating and upgrading ex-Store…

However, if you are into cheap marketing talk, here it is: However, real music afficionados might want to go further. This app will only be […] Related Posts: Please introduce this new function in next release of QuasarMX. The post Eight 3. I only have one complain, the downloaded Cover Art are on drive C… this is a nightmare when you have a lot of albums and low memory on C.

In fact, every feature relying on an external services has a toggle and a link to its privacy statement and terms of use.

Set the sleep timer and doze off. The post X-plore 1.


Meteora Softworks

So much features, not only the best music-player on MeeGo, but also better than anyone on iOS or Symbian! Install the free version of QuasarMX from our website: When quassarmx we expect the equalizer function? QuasarMX will make sure the audio routing is done correctly. QuasarMX is our statement of how a personal music player should be: I am sending them to a couple friends ans moreover discussing inside yummy.

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quasarmx n8

Learn how your comment data is processed. The post QuasarMX Pro 1. An intelligent analysis of your music files makes sure all files play without silence in between, even those not properly encoded.

I do have some songs duplicated but with over songs it would be exceptional if it quasarxm those duplicates all in a row when on shuffle.

But I hope this to be more improved with fix any bugs. Cover View The Cover View screen displays all albums and their covers at a glance.

This App is worth to spend 4. For me QuasarMX also marks the start of two experiments:. It is overlaid with a 3 x 3 Hot Area Matrix that allows to quickly control the player without distractions, for example in the car.


quasarmx n8

Excellent Power Efficiency The Meteora Audio Engine uses dynamic latency switching to keep your smartphone and its battery cool and longer lasting. Sleep Timer Like to fall asleep while listening to music or your favourite audio-book? Tracks played in MusiKloud can be scrobbled to Last. Download Latest Nokia Store 3. Play List Overview The Play List Overview displays and filters your music compilation or playlist by genre, artist and album. Quick FM Nokia N8 v1.

How many platforms and operating systems can I port my app to? Intuitive swipe user interface Think all mobile music players have the same limited interface and feature-set? Contact us about this article. Here comes an app to remove junk system files with Belle Cleaner.