The seventh track, “Kick Muck” is a reference to the dust in the fields at free festivals typical in the ’80’s. I actually like the version much than the studio one. Kick Muck Ozric Tentacles. I find the band has its own category. The song oscillates between periods of intense, high tempo guitar and slower electronic psychedelia, enabling the crowd to recover before the next bout of “kicking muck” [3]. After the atmospheric and repetitive “Phalarn Dawn”, the band couldn’t resist in the release of another reggae party “Domes Of G’bal”.

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Forum user Forum password. Some Oriental atmosphere is welcome: It reminds me to the ethnic music of West Sumatra Padang – one province of Indonesia. As I stated at the beginning of this review, the mayor significance of “Pungent Effulgent” consists of being OT’s first consistent musical statement regarding the perspective of their entire discography: Phalarn Dawn Ed Wynne.

My CD has a bonus track of effulgebt track live version with a running time of 19 minutes. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.


The detailed soundscape can be heard clearly. It’s not specifically based on any type of music I’m aware of: The first one which I can rate with three stars. The firs two tracks ‘Disolution The Clouds Disperse ‘ and ‘O-1’ are catchy and energetic enough to capture the listener’s attention at once, and actually they turn out to be quite emblematic of the OT-paradigm, real OT classics.


Popular with fans at such open air venues, its name fffulgent to the dance style at front of stage. But even in this format, it remains a great song: Sexy Trippy All Moods.

The references to Gong, Hawkwind and maybe Tangerine Dream as well are obvious, but they don’t match the creative power of those originals yet. Ayurvedic has a rolliing bass line over which Ed lays more delayed guitar lines. Usually I don’t favor any reggae music but this band has played reggae in a unique way through “The Domes of G’Bal” track. The tempo rises and turns fast and funky before returning to the eastern overlays.

An interesting track in a fast tempo exploring wide variety of sounds.

Pungent Effulgent – Ozric Tentacles | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

It’s advised that if you spin the CD, you should play it loud with a decent stereo set. Drum sounds increase its appearance to accentuate the music. There’s a remake of “O-1” off “There is Nothing” with real drums, rather than ’80s sounding drum machines.

Dovetail Records Snapper Music [1]. I don’t know why the band released a shorter version of the great “Kick Muck” see comments above. These eleven minutes of music are rather varied at least according Ozric standards. Deep primeval arboreal feel didgeridoo used to good effect with much tinkling and bird song.


The album’s first track, “Dissolution”, is one of very few songs by Ozric Tentacles to make use of noticeable vocals.

OZRIC TENTACLES Pungent Effulgent reviews

Agog in the Ether Ozric Tentacles. Disolution The Clouds Disperse opens with a dlayed guitar.

The synth line continues in the background before a middle break. If the band had quit after this album I would give it 4 stars, but there’s so many better albums that will follow this one. Kick Muck is a fabulous track.

The album’s official closer ‘Wreltch’ starts with a very ethnic driven section, too, then turns into an incendiary rock jam, among the late 60s psychedelic stuff and your regular hard rock.

I find the band has its own category. It just sounds so good. This seems like the band’s classic favorite as it is featured in the double disc live set efculgent Pongmasters Balls see my previous review.