I hope you enjoy it. Includes lots for self help 2. You can use this for almost anything. It’s quick and it’s extremely predictable. Be set free to enjoy life. Very analytical in nature.

pstec level 1

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By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. The Therapy Guide therapy or self help Approx 1 hr This audio is written from a therapists perspective but if you’re doing self help then you also need it. What are you waiting for?

Esprit Coaching

Umesh The Woodland Practice. More Powerful Click Tracks Different and important click tracks 3. So 4 very different cases and incredible results. This … seems to come naturally to Estelle and makes her an ideal coach. But life is important, as is getting the very most from it, so I urge you to study the feedback from real people, and then ask yourself what investment of time you are prepared to make in yours.

pstec level 1

I’m so very grateful that I found your site. Everyone has had good results. Feedback, can see the event pstsc, but dissociated levfl, with no feelings. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. You’re going to get two highly detailed tutorials, plus you will also get 4 more powerful PSTEC Click Tracks which were not included on the free system.


I have learnt a lot more about myself and I will most certainly deal with situations in a different light in the future. There is a mountain of other important information here, methods you can use and easy full instructions to make self help or therapy a breeze.

PSTEC Level 1 Audio Package – PSTEC™ – Percussive Suggestion Technique™

I have used this on all my clients since I got it. Just one happy client will send you far more business than the cost of this audio. Use these in combination with the free ones to resolve issues which would otherwise be resistant.

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pstec level 1

The Therapy Guide Therapy or self help 2. This guide lays out the simplest and best ways to get excellent results. Remove your emotional blocks.

pstec level 1

This is a special price. Unless otherwise stated views expressed are those of the author. Get rid of problems and escape your emotional baggage.

The Therapy Guide Therapy or self help 2. And you’ll also learn how to deal with problems in an easy, straightforward systematic way to solve them. Estelle really made me feel comfortable to express myself openly and honestly. With the therapy guide included, you get simple and easy to understand ways to use the process with your self and also with other people clients, friends or family. Enhanced Effectiveness Files which are ultra powerful versions of the basic tracks 3.


Now you can discover this for yourself. As a result of the coaching, my anxiety is gone, I know everything I want to do now and I have more confidence in myself.

Feedback, feels really silly about the outbursts, has small flashbacks, but cant seem to grab hold of them in his mind! This package can be used for therapy or for self help.

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