I made on this basis a specific dimmer to switch off slowly the light after one hour, unless pulse on button restart timer. Usual axial resistors can stand it, other types e. I would advise against using very small resistors although by calculation they may be adequate. Multisim has trouble simulating simple triac lamp dimmer 2. Integrated ToF sensor module measures just 2. Originally Posted by betwixt.

moc3020 datasheet pdf

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Using an opto-triac MOC to control a mains lamp And the maximum power, does anyone know how I calculate that for an 8A triac? You can still sometimes control these but you may need additional components around the triac. There’s no harm in providing the suggested “inductive load” RC circuit with resistive loads, too. Part and Inventory Search.

Orangepi zero as a usb device 3. Closed loop gain of this fully-differential amplifier 2.

moc3020 datasheet pdf

The resistors are calculated to allow sufficient gate current, taking into account the drop across moc33020 MOC and possibly current through the capacitor from the voltage across the A1 and A2 pins. I even experencied a case, where heavy harmonic power supply distortions caused false triggering of an opto triac that could be eliminated by adding a RC circuit. How do you calculate the values required?


Keep in mind that when the circuit is ‘off’, when the triac is not conducting, there is still a leakage path through the resistor and capacitor so some current will still flow. Taking the circuit in Figure 5 of the datasheet PDF http: If there is any maths involved I’d appreciate the equations to understand for the future 3.

Extracting energy from gyroscope precession The time now is Incandescent lamps are resistive but don’t try using it with low energy CFL lamps unless they are ‘dimmable’. LED Pins are shorted to ground 3.

For the sake of a few pennies a larger resistor will overcome these problems. SMD chips most likely can’t.

MOC3020 Datasheet

There are two reasons, the most important being that most 0. The selection of a sufficient series dataheet power rating is a bit tricky.

moc3020 datasheet pdf

The only loads you have to be careful with are things like motors and transformers. There isn’t a definitive threshold between sensitive and non-sensitive, it is just an indication of types that need a little less push to get them going.

It will be very small and shouldn’t be enough to operate your load but it will be plenty to give a nasty electric shock!! The other reason is that during the turn on and off periods, the dissipation could be significantly higher than in a steady condition.

I can’t see IGT referenced elsewhere in the document, does this dataeheet to input diode forward current maximum? Why use diff mode inductors rated for 6A rms when Input current is only mA rms 2.


I couldn’t open your link but my datasheet for the MOC Fairchild is probably the same. If so – which side should be -ve?


The sudden heat rise in small resistors can result in the carbon film cracking or rupturing. For the resistor that sits on pin 6 – what wattage does this need to be to safely control an 80W lamp from a Vac UK 50Hz supply? Originally Posted by betwixt. Results 1 to 20 of With the first note, you can do a simple and efficient dimmer with 2 buttons after removing IR input. Integrated ToF sensor module measures just 2.

I don’t want to contradict, but you should be aware of the worst case pulse power of about W in a V mains application, that last for the e. I’m assuming a standard incandescent lamp is a ‘resistive’ load. With daatsheet small uC, costing less than a NE!