Shal e Aros Lyrics: Baghe Dilat Qarsak Compose: Gul Dana Dana Lyrics: Alex Abedi and Farooq Waiz Director: Haroon Derakhshan Video Director: Allama Iqbal also shared his poems with Daagh in his youth, asking for improvement and advice. Pir Mohammad Karwan Composer:

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Doste Badet Medaram Composer: Music Mashal Arman, Naghmagar. Like other Afghan artists, during unfortunate was leading in Afghanistan, he left his homeland and settled in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Afghanistan, Kabul, Parwan, Parvan, Kapisa, Kohistan, Panjsher,

Music Aria Marsel, Delbarakom. His name ringed to the ears of the thousands music lovers for many years. Music Parwiz Soraj, Biya Biya. Remains one of the best by Mirza Ghalib.

RaminMansour RaminMansour production Dont forget to visit our facebook page msn Please and thank you!! Amir Jan Sabori Lyrics: Music Amir Jan Sabori, Zamana.

Yousef Nesar – Single Songs Album – Listen and Download Mp3

Amir jan saboori Lyrics: We invite you to learn more. Sung by amazing Pakistani artists, late Mehnaz Begum. One of the greatest of the classic poets. Music Baran Aria, Ashna.


Aryana’s latest collaboration with the very talented Shahram Farshid, the man behind the world class music arrangement of Aryana’s “Baanoo-e Aatash Nesheen”.

Amir Jan Sabori Song: He is one of the most talented artists of Afghanistan, with a wonderful voice. Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi sings Idhar Zindagi Ka Janaaza Uthegaa Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi is loved by the masses for his Punjabi folk and live songs, but with his few exceptionally well sung ghazals, he remains a deserved entry.

امیر عاشق پیشه Mp3 Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

Ibrahim Mohsin Roshani Compose: Ahmad Jawad Karimi Lyrics: Music Rashid Seyaam, Pari Chehr. Music Nazir Khara, Pushaimani. Music Gulakai Watani, Bashir Wafa, nazir surood. Danyal Anwar Video Director: Shab Hai Yaldai Lyrics: Raminmansour RaminMansour production Maftono sadriddin, ghezaal enayat, jane man. Ahmad Parwiz Music Producer: He is still considered the undisputed King of Ghazal of our times and his concerts hugely missed by Ghazal fans across the world.


Ahmad Naweed Neda Song: Amir Jan Sabori Arrangement: Haroon Derakhshan Video Director: His voice and intonation in singing absorbed many lovers, and among the folk singers he became unique and King of the Folk Singers in Afghanistan.

Faiz Karezi is born in the year in Kariz-e Mir, one of the beautiful villages of Kabul. Download this beautiful track below by a very talented ghazal singer. Ahmad Naweed Neda Music: