The command line also cleared out the exclusion, in the ‘Other’ settings screen. Remember that your audience now goes beyond MS developers. Changes only, with no purge. Therefore to make it work I had to add one hour to the intended time. Here is a command line that worked:. Could some help me out please. At that point, if I cancel the job, it starts copying immediately.

microsoft richcopy 4.0.211

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How to uninstall Microsoft RichCopy 4.0.211?

Click to load comments. This tool was developed in but it was being used internally by Microsoft and was not made available for public usages. July 7, at 5: Allows an administrator to perform a copy without changing any of the permissions or ownership for the objects.

I have started playing around with Richcopy, so far, I like what I see. Click Yes when it asks for your confirmation.

RichCopy Build 4.0.216 has been posted to the Microsoft Download Center.

Where the other type profile must be kept locally in the Registry? Thank you for this great program.


microsoft richcopy 4.0.211

Windows 7 Professional If I leave “purge”-option unchecked, it works fine. Very simple thing I want to do is copy my C: I was looking for files with a certain string in the name specifically 1F at the name’s end just before the extension. September 28, at Find the program you want to uninstall, search for a string value called UninstallString in the right panel. Security — Security function just works fine on my machine. I thought what duperdog said above might work, but no dice….

Logging information is truncated when RichCopy is executed from the command line. Another user said they had used .40.211 source and destination directories with no issue so we tried deleting the registry info for RichCopy and my problems went away: Thanks for the great utility Ken!

June 18, at 1: Please carefully edit the registry, because any mistake there may make your system crash. Keep up the good work!

microsoft richcopy 4.0.211

When that happen, u have to go thru all the files in all the folders to find out where it quit. For example, say I want to copy. July 12, at 9: Last but not least, you need to find out registry values in Registry Editor: The granular control offered covers everything from filtering files and directories by attributes, error handling options, attribute changing, copy operation scheduling and changing timestamp to setting the number of threads and cache size to be used.


I discover something new. January 23, at 1: September 5, at What I would like to do is as follows: To keep your computer work properly, it’s always a good habit to uninstall Microsoft RichCopy 4. I choose the one I want and click ok.

Microsoft RichCopy – Should I Remove It?

I see a few other people have complained about this, but I see no fix?? What switch should I have added to avoid this? It is no longer being developed.