NET applications, but I don’t which are which. I went through a lot of multuiple links including addictive tips and every one of them sent me to some weird “alternate site index”. Was a really nice bit of syncronicity, as I found MasterSeeker right after posting a question here: Download it x64 , ia When you first run the software it will perform a quick scan of all your hard drives and cache the file information to make it instantly accessible for your searches. It is also possible to search for files based on their size.


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I feel sure I have some other. Could you make it work with exFAT??? I am VERY impressed overall, but can’t wait to see a bit better features and look update! Didn’t worked with some types of RAMDisk.


I can find no written cache. The application also allows you to specify the directory a file is located in, to narrow down the results. I planing to optimize the memory footprint in future versions.

I added your request to my TODO list.

Download MasterSeeker

I will look into it. October 14, Again, you can choose to have it ignore character case, but you can also specify whether subdirectories should be included in the operation. I have not recovered use of Screenshot Captor yet. MasterSeeker really reads the Master File Masterseekfr in NTFS drives, directly from the drive’s stream, and processes it with heavy multithreading and micro-optimized code.



I don’t need my system drive to be indexed in 99 of cases because all my data is on a different drive. MasterSeeker was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu. The application displays documents that are masterseeer in size to a specified number, which is useful if you cannot remember the exact value. Searching and sorting speed, noticable mostly on slow computers or computers with more than 1, files and folders.

Compared to the popular Everything SearchMasterSeeker offers the advantage of file size filtering and faster column sorting, however it does not support real-time cache updates and drive exclusions, which means that you will need to rescan your entire system in order to find files that have been added or mawterseeker since the last scan. And seeing the memory footprint can we assume that the cache is held in ram?

It works well and has some nice features.

MasterSeeker – Incredibly Fast File Search Engine! –

You can simply enter a keyword and see matches mmasterseeker or you can narrow the results by using Regular Expressions and file size filters. The result list can also be sorted by file date, file size and folder location.


One memory optimization have been rolled back because it caused more problems than benefits. From now on, searching files in your computer is fast and reliable mission! That was impressive to see such a fast fix.


I find instead of needing to defrag once every maeterseeker or two, now I only need to do once every six weeks or so, if that! A second great feature is the ability to do file and directory size searches.

Nzyme Participant Joined in Posts: Also some other notes: Save for later Add to Favorites. I’ve not had to try since. Tried it this morning after reading the above descriptions. This size search capability really shines when working with directories. December 07, Incredibly Fast File Search Engine MasterSeeker states a revolutionary standard in the world of searching files in a PC, and reaches speeds you never thought you PC can reach, by using unique technique that uses your PC optimally.

MasterSeeker tries to connect sites that seem not to be available anymore. Sort files and directories by any column rapidly!