Rather than hold on to an old grudge, I thought to myself, Wow, dude actually reached out to me. In my mind, there was no way that Run was actually sending these messages out from his own email account. But after an unexpected argument in which Rev insisted that marriage is forever, and Tyrese countered that you could bail when the sex went bad, the two decided not just to agree to disagree, but to team up and open their debate to a larger audience. Where there was no father. Just on impulse, I sent him a short note explaining my views, assuming that would be the end of it. He had listened to all of one of our songs and then broken out.

manology tyrese pdf

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Still, we took the stage and launched into a set of some of our greatest hits: He jumped out, and immediately the crowd gravitated to him. I was feeling more like a monument to a certain ideal than a living, breathing man. If so, call me back at this number. Where there was no tyresd. I was shocked, but I collected myself maanology called Rev immediately.

Like a lot of men, especially African-American men, I was extremely inspired by what Run had created. Or more specifically, men will.

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It ttrese as if my life looked too shiny, too perfect to them. Whenever we pdr, I would try to get his opinion on not only what was holding me back but also what was holding men and women back in general.


In a house where truths were under the rug, I wanted to take that rug out to the front yard, shake it up and down and beat it with a broom until every one of the nasty, dirty little realities came falling out and scurried away from me. In my mind, there was no way that Run was actually sending these messages out from his own email account. In fact, our friendship was actually born out of a disagreement!

manology tyrese pdf

Speaking with me gave him the energy to keep pushing in that direction. When we arrived to perform, Tyrese was nowhere to be found. Read this triumph of a book and watch your relationship change!

In fact, one of my favorite Tweets to send out is this quote from Max Lucado: Thankfully, rather than being intimidated by my reputation, Tyrese was receptive to being MAN-tored.

Manolkgy fathers ourselves, Tyrese and I have a vested interest in creating a more leveled playing field between men and women. I thought to myself. No, as Reverend Run and I hope to show you, there are plenty pdr good men out there.

manology tyrese pdf

Turese when he talked about what it took to be a man of God and raise a family with respect, spirituality and integrity, I had to listen. To do that would just be a dance around the truth.

Download [PDF] Manology: Secrets of Your Man s Mind Revealed Tyrese Gibson For Ipad

Gibson also created the bestselling comic book, Mayhem. Rev Runa. Soon we began talking almost daily, chopping it pcf about everything under the sun—the music industry, films, our kids, fame—but particularly relationships, a subject I really respect his opinion on.


You better go take out the trash and tell your woman you love her on your way out to the garage. When I pray at tyreese, the number one thing I ask to be blessed with is clarity, no matter what it reveals. Atria Books January 21, Length: I know how hard it can be to change your perspective and attitude.

No, at its core this Manology is about helping women feel good about themselves. And truthfully, he was not only eager to find out what sort of wisdom I could share with him but he helped push me in a new direction too. Tyrese and Rev are the unlikeliest of best friends—Rev is married with six kids and Tyrese is a single dad still hesitant to settle down.

Maybe not down to the last detail, but manoloyg similar mix of regality and ghetto love. His friendship was like a breath of fresh air being blown into my home.