Tuesday at the Songheei Cemetery. Standard’s Design Centre Is unique. An appeal haa been made to the company to provide protection for tiinc birds during thinning and lagging operations. CUp Board — Smooth masonite finish; heavy Jumbo spring. John of I Victoria, David at homo; ana!

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Razak wfl] talsa osar the prime minis tertidp Sept The clergyman father finds the notion of their menage monstrous In the extreme, which is quite In keeping with his character. Mideast Peace Spells Danger! Without the means of self-defence the African whites face expulsion, or worse. Sup- sbtance in the exploitation of underwrite at least part at toe.

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madza aqulu

Many theories ire being developed today about why people choose to buy or mqdza in certain types of chairs. Prayers wtM be held in the Sands Mortuary Ltd.

Mada was the toughest, strongest, moat completely dedicated fighter who ever were gloves. Mink coat will wear for 25 years; cost per year, Ml A cloth coat will cost you approx. Set timer to play the sound.


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Or maybe we should look at It another way. Oak Bay has a memorial commissioned by the municipal council to honor the dead of the Second World War. From the merchant’s point of view, I behave the Mate of the crate rixipa have bene a great help.

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I’m lfi and pretty, cute at lent that’s what my boy friend says, though he may be prejudiced. That is one reason why it is hard to understand the opposition of democratic nations to the defensive arming of South Africa.

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Our aroMtacture, our parka, our planning, our art galleries, our music and our theatre, are all a part of our an and our culture because we react to afl art forma in a subjective way. On September 1, terms of a three-year contract were settled with the pulp and paper unions at our Alberni and Powell River mills, and are being recommended to members for approval.

Since he gave you the money and the choices, the house belongs to you. That “cooks” it — tahn the raw taata out. Swan at home; taw gra nd daughter; bar mother. I which said that Egypt had violated the ceasefire.


Victoria, are pteasad announce the engagement It their elder Mr.

Islamic Songs Al-Muqtashidah 1

It la in then quarriea near Carrera that the great Reaalaaanoe merer found the marble blocks for some of his great- nt sculptures. Waiting to great the No. Google Play Services for AR 1. I, Hanson I 6a. Quigley officiating Fleet — Bennett Mr.

Walker, 23, now a sheriff’s detective, arrested Max G. Victoria — Seattle lv. Whether his fellow council members or dty department heads like it or not, Aid. Victoria The wedding will take plane Saturday. Highs in upper 60s, lowi 45 to Rocky was by no means ths most skillful at boxers aid may, indeed, have been the crudest operator ever to win the heaveyweight eheraptoniMp.

madza aqulu

CP was third and Ml three qualified — Australia won its protest for Sunday’s final.