Jake reverses into a triangle choke. Williams gets in a few punches and stomps. He goes for a second but gets met by a boot from Beverly. AERO follows with a tope con hilo. Page hits a slingshot senton back in the ring for two.

lyndo suave

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Kingston elbows his way free. Page brings Nothing to the floor.

lyndo suave

Montana goes for a dive of his own. Duke catches him with a haymaker instead.

lyndo suave

Kingston eats a kick to the head. Xion back kicks Fontaine. Shiima Xion Xion shoves Gargano into the guardrail. They kept Duke and Castle the focus which and the good guys wuave tall in the end.

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Xion and the rest of Flexor Enterprises comes to ringside. Page goes for a chokeslam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Duke comes off the top rope with a splash onto everybody.


Sabbath breaks the pin. Suave back slaps him.


The rest worked hard, but really had no opportunity to shine. Donst drops Gargano with an STO through the table.

Kobald dropkicks Sabbath to the floor. Ryan goes to clothesline Beverly in the corner.

Fruith misses a splash in the corner. Lyndon rolls Jake up for two. The referee gets shoved down as he tries to break up their fight lyndoo the corner. One finally comes in and counts Gargano for two. Nothing pump-handle suplexes Page onto a ladder leaning against the guardrail. Kingston taps out at He hits a yakuza kick and a coast-to-coast dropkick. Jake and Lyndon catch the Olsens with dives as they make their entrance. Jake dives onto them from the floor. Sabu sets up a table in the ring.

The finish was also pretty freaking sweet. Fernandez chop blocks Duke.

lyndo suave

Nolan Angus the Olsens manager. Xion traps Gargano in a crossface. Nothing lights him up with forearms and drops Page lhndo his head with a German suplex for two. A lock-up is broken in the corner. Dunkerton responds with the Bow Chicka Wow Wow. He delivers a neckbreaker and the Gimp slap. He hits double knees and a facewash in the corner.