Please take a look at the red line and blue lines Then, I am searching for a way to set these icons. How to move node in JXTreeTable. I am modifying some parts of an application in order to use swingx components. So the containment is: I was hoping someone out there might have a temporary solution and also whether they indeed experience the same problem, if so I can raise a bug. Greetings and thanks for reading this. James Bond acted in Skyfall I need to change ‘James’

jxtreetable jar

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Feb jjar ’14 at I need to change the sequence of some nodes in a JXTreeTable but unsure how best to do. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Mar 7 ’14 at I have tried using TreeModelListener and Hi, Seems to be really quiet for months here.

jxtreetable jar

After the initial load? I went to https: The pane has a label which gets removed when I click on it. Is anyone doing any active development on this in this forum? Below is what i have done: I have the following piece of code where a custom panel is added to the JTaskPane. I am encountering a strange problem in jre6, that the swing component like dropdown,textfield are not getting clicked easily.


jxtreetable jar

Here you can download the dependencies for the java class JXTreeTable. Email Required, but never shown.

But I do not want Nov 5 ’13 at I have been told by my teacher that having a separate class for the actionListener is best. Using the attached self contained runnable example and the SwingX 1. I am trying to do this task on glasspane. The solution is to fix the GroupLayout creation but netbeans does not offer this feature version 7. Feb 24 ’14 at The problem is that when I expand the Feb 22 ’14 at Rollover shared on two Jxtreetabel i need shared the rolloverHighLighter on two JXTable so that when mouse enter on a row on first table, both tables highLiht the same row.

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Assimiz 10 10 bronze badges. I want the horizontal gridline to be thicker. Just saw a note about TableUtilities.

Oct jdtreetable ’13 at I made a really simple test case: How to use swingx in Netbeans 7. Now without leaving the bounds of the table not moving the mouse out of the rows move the mouse to any cell the tooltip no longer gets displayed 4.


JXTreeTable, row striping and proper repainting I’m using a look and feel which does row striping of tables by default.

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In a text area I will be replacing a String with a value Eg. I have tryed with TreeCellRenderer, it doesn’t work. Use this engine to looking through the maven repository.