You could continue to work on the ABEZ, but eventually you will need to add Product Specs, which are required for this model. Your parts order should now look like this. HyCAD expects a unit to be placed there, so go ahead and select that attachment point. There are two ways to change all supports at once. There are two ways to create a Parts order depending on how much information you have about the parts you need. You then have options to set the controller voltage and phase.


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You can click on the drop down arrow on this button to display the options and once the report is generated, there will be options to export the report into other formats that may be desired, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. It will be even more obvious if you change the chain guards to Safety Yellow. This enables Hytrol to verify any pricing or descriptions you may have used when creating the file.

The Floor Support group should once again have five supports. Changes to overall length will change the zone lengths back to default, so it may be better to make any changes to the overall length of the unit before configuring the zone lengths.

The line item description should now read: The Zoom tools allow you to zoom in or out or set a custom zoom level. When you put casters on supports, the fields in the Properties box adjust automatically to reflect the change.


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Product specifications are required for the E24 nycad of conveyor. The Graphics Window draws the controllers on the right hand side to match that description. First of all, we want brakes on the discharge support. Both warnings can be corrected with one action.

HyCAD assumes all entries are given in inches, so there is no need to indicate the units being used right now.

HYCAD 5.21

You should now see the Adjustable Channel Guard Rail in the graphics and in the line items area. You can add conveyors by copying in HyCAD. Hyxad top line now shows that we have a total of 6 Zones. You should get a view of all of the contacts in your Contact Manager. In order for the line item information for both units to match the graphic, HyCAD asks you to specify which conveyor will contain the drive for both units.


Go back to the SW Hycwd View and look for the suspension angles on the right hand yycad. Fill in the items shown for your project. Notice that the modified support is no longer in the group. That support is too tall for a standard MS support, but it is an acceptable height for an MHS support. When you have finished adding parts, click OK.

If you click on this tab you should see the following message: Because our initial contact is the only one in the data table, it is already highlighted.


Previous versions of HyCAD supported each conveyor as a standalone unit and supports were calculated for each conveyor as if it were unconnected to any other. When a conveyor is disconnected, it disconnects at both ends, and any information such as floor elevation that was previously communicated through the conveyor connection is no longer recognized once that connection is broken.


While there is a way to support conveyors independently, we will common support our conveyors for now. Hjcad does not draw the spacer, but hyvad can add spacers to an order as line items. Keep in mind that the flow of the spur combined with the side of the host conveyor on which the spur is located automatically determines whether the spur is diverging or converging; hence, there is no option to specify which type the spur should be.

Change the quantity to 2. January 7, Freeware.


The graphics now show the unit with a white belt. The Page View options allow you to choose between viewing a single page at a time, multiple pages at once, or by continuously scrolling through all pages of the document. The lower box is the Line Items where specific parts or conveyor properties are displayed. The first conveyor that we are going to add will be a model TA, which is one of our slider bed conveyors. This section shows all line items that may be added in the guard rail category for this model conveyor.