A cool song that team K has the recipe for decades. The song is not transcendous, but it got what it takes to kick off Team 4 debut. Sadly, we don’t see what they see. About the UG, really? But enough of the line-up, let’s talk about the song! But now, after some time I really grew to like this song a lot more!! Oh well, we all have different preferences I guess.

heart ereki drama

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About the UG, really?

I even liked Rena a bit in the end. The members and the stories are amazing, but the rest is crap. I also really liked Ayarin and Akicha’s roles as the mentors and Mocchi and Umchan’s roles as the sempais. You must log in or sign up to reply here. We have new admins and are making big plans for and beyond.

heart ereki drama

Are you short of budget? With another song, this could have been such a good release, imagine a meaningful song like River. NorencheOct 29, I listened it and forgot it hours ago, while others song of the single were still erdki into my head, including heart ereki.

heart ereki drama

Okay, not the best plot, but it was enjoyable. Will not the other girls resent it as well, when someone who never even joins theater performance for so long to be put in front of them all.


heart ereki drama

I didn’t think that Suda can pull off a “sad face” hehe nah, just kidding, of course she can. My erekk team Haruppi, fuuchan, riichan, Annin, Yuihan got me used to srama high quality songs since Age ultra famous Pionneer, magnificient Kodoka no hoshizora, inspiring Ikiru Koto so going back to an idolish songs was surprising. This is a good point. Somehow the people who remind us that it’s not a girl’s fault if she is ‘overpushed’ seem to forget or not care when it’s Renacchi.

Maybe it was her ponytail or her dimples but I could not get this out of my head!!

Kojimako can sing, and her solo parts are doing fine. I’m loving the Team 4 song btw [clap].

Pv akb48 heart ereki drama version

I hope it will stay like that and that we will see even more of members like Myao etc. I’m hoping for a come back next time. Okay, I liked the song but I was a bit underwhelmed and espected a lot more. Your name or email address: What the ori team 4 hadn’t, they have it now.

Pv akb48 heart ereki drama version download

She’s still young so now Sasshi, Mayuyu, Paruru might get some support from management, but in the future, Aki-P will show that he means for Jurina to be the 1 girl. I love their songs, so this isn’t a bad thing. Everyone has good screentime even if we all know that kojimako is center so i’m satisfied about it. The rest are just the usuals, just the ‘ranking is a bit different’. Maybe Renacchi will have her time yeart bloom soon, too.


I really didn’t want to watch K’s because Sayaka is gone but the quality improvement from How come was biiiig [shock] the amount of screentime Tomu, Amina, Myao, KK and other lesser popular girls got was much better than last time, they should keep it like this I totally forgot Nozawa was in the PV and went wut mode when she appeared “did someone get promoted and I didn’t notice” Music overall is heeart this time though.

Well, what am I even talking so much.

Not an overwhelming Under girls release, but the members make up for it! It’s nice to see Team K always doing different things.

Still I love it. Do you already have an account?