Moss Ryder rated it really liked it Dec 12, Each book contains descriptions of major cities and roads, and includes maps of some cities’ arenas. Local autoduellist clubs form, and often serve as local defense for communities that hold them, to say nothing of armed police cars. Vehicle licenses are acquired through the state police, and the United States, Canada, and the Free Oil States Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma recognize each other’s licenses. Science-wise, Gold Cross becomes massively successful, with rich people beating down their door to have clones made to cheat death. Though there are later articles in Autoduel Quarterly for “Dragons in Car Wars” and “Magic in Car Wars”, they’re extremely tongue-in-cheek and unofficial. C Patrick Daily rated it really liked it Aug 12,

gurps autoduel

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Lots of gangs and Mexican raiders make things rough, and it recommends you pack extra water and power cells. Arlington is the largest city, known for its industry. Texans and Mexicans raid each other constantly.

GURPS Autoduel – Wikipedia

Gups can move on to something more important than people. Las Vegas waned as a gambling capital and instead has become a center for TV production.

Daniel added it Dec 28, Outlaws, like biker gangs and bandits, have a much more severe Social Stigma. PI, peace officer, or investigative reporter.


gurps autoduel

James rated it really liked it Jun 13, An in-joke about Michael Jackson? Now, in Car Wars you’re expending a resource you have each turn called “Handling Class”, and when it’s spent, you have to make a random roll to maintain control. Either employed by a company, or a “gypsy” – that is, an independent trucker.

To maneuver with a trailer, first move the tractor in a normal fashion, using the turning key or any other method.

gurps autoduel

Australia tries to turn back refugees while simultaneously fighting “vigilantes” trying to just slaughter or sink refugee boats. As is standard, we get some suggestions: By type of car, thankfully, it doesn’t mean a specific vehicle – it means driving a van when you’re used to sedans, for example. Welcome to their ranks.

GURPS Classic: Autoduel

Canada Now a constitutional monarchy. Loads of campaign ideas for everything from a corporate autoduelling team to a lone wolf vigilante, and more! I’m the co-author, ask me anything. Sean Sherman rated it really liked it Oct 18, Danel rated it it was ok Jan 29, This gives a surprisingly minor penalty to job rolls -1 and we get the big jobs table that came with every GURPS book of this period, now with exciting rules like payment fluctating for independent work!

There’s also a heavy following on “nostalgia TV” of ancient reruns. Return to Book Page. It also notes there are a lot of gangs in the surrounding area, though the police keep them out of the city itself.


GURPS Autoduel: Roleplaying in the World of Car Wars

Magdy Soliman marked it as to-read Mar 30, New Orleans has recovered and has been rebuilt as a tourist attraction, autodurl it’s put major financial strain on the nation to do so. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Only Detroit is detailed, which is apparently a major car manufacturer still?

Gangs, cattle, and it recommends Badlands National Park. It gets heavy into the differentiation of the different types of vehicles, but I’ll skip that. Trying to ward off lasers is a qutoduel hilarious, though, since most of those are vehicular and will burn right through your dorky little suit.

gurps autoduel

The Southwest This has a very “Old West” sort of stereotype to it due to poor governmental control and heavy cycle gang activity, matched only by the heavy state xutoduel both seem equally dangerous.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Science-wise, Gold Cross becomes massively successful, with rich people beating down their door to have clones made to cheat death.