Charlie was super supportive and encouraged her to give only her best in this competition. Anyway, turns out both Aylin and Charlie were up for an exit, along with the insecure Nellie. The 12 contestants perform the Katy Perry tune “Firework” and their individuality is tested. Track your favorite shows. I felt like I was watching a romantic movie without the happy ending. Glee Project Recap of the Season 2 Finale:

glee project 2x06

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Choose from 21, shows. Same old, same old!

Michael was struggling in the recording booth, like he did several episodes back. Everyone got all teary and began to cry, but hey those people cry every time someone leaves.

glee project 2x06

On the other hand, you could not feel sorry for Lilly. Across ten episodes, the hopefuls will be narrowed down through intensive rounds of workshops, “Glee”-themed assignments and call-backs as a team of “Glee” insiders carefully assess which one of them has what it takes to be the projet new face, and voice, of “Glee. But wow, Aylin and Tyler have been improving themselves, I was in awe with Aylin this week.

glee project 2x06

This week it was all about showing the mentors their vulnerable side, so there was no projeft for the music video which was about bullying.


No one can argue that Cory is one of the more less talented singers on Glee, but still he manages to capture his vulnerable side better than most of them. Director Ryan Murphy seems to have the same problem with all of his shows. Imagine you being blind and they took your cane away from you. I almost began to weep when Blake and Abraham shared their stories or when Shanna told her crackbaby story.

Sure, everybody was expecting for Chris Colfer to show up.

Fearlessness (Jane Lynch)

Might be more fun than the show Glee itself. One of my favorite reality competitions. Anyway, turns out both Aylin and Charlie were up for 2xx06 exit, along with the insecure Nellie. Things are about to get sexy next week, with Sexuality as their theme.

The Glee Project S02 – Ep06 Fearlessness HD Watch – Dailymotion Video

The winning contender is named in the Season 2 finale. I was and still am in awe with the music video.

glee project 2x06

She was back being whiny when she had to show her vulnerable side and was way too violent being a bully. Get more The Glee Project Recaps. Check out their music video in advance, which is really hot. And none of these contestants are the next rapprodigy, so please Ryan stop with all the rapping! They also emphasized that none of these five are really ready for Glee. At first, everything went great!


Oh, I really love Jane Lynch. Swagpenguinstudent added it to Glee 3 shows. Like Charlie emphasized, this was not a song where you could really show your projecf side. After they found out Charlie was the one.

Fearlessness (Jane Lynch) – The Glee Project S02E06 | TVmaze

She was the only one not being slushied because of her disability. The Glee Projecs ended up with quite an exciting first season, whose quirky and lovely winners could sing but unfortunately couldn’t act very well, and a decent actor as the winder of the second season, who unfortunately wasn quite ordinary in any other way.

In the recording studio, you could see Nikki fawning over some of the contestants like Aylin and Charlie. And the Winner Is So the two most unlikable contestants are the only ones with classical training and prroject the ones struggling. This spinoff casting show went exactly the way of its original mothershow.