This famous Sinhala hymn “Eliya oba mage” is made out of the beautiful song by none other than King David himself, Psalm Visit un on – clip-share. It is titled as ‘Samidun wenuwen’. Jesus ape uthuma Sinhala Hymn rameshpigera1. This is my second video.

ginnak wilasin hymn

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A fairly modern Sinhala hymn by the spiritual leaders or the “Daham Pahana” religious organization in Sri Lanka.

Ginnak wilasin ma

Jesune adarey Sinhala Hymn rameshpigera1. I most definitely do not own this music. All songs are l. Adura madin eliya galanawa – Sinhala Hymn wkm Wick. I have made this video as a reflection on the theme of God’s unending Love with relevant verses from both testements.

God gave me these words and I put it in to a song.

ginnak wilasin hymn

Visit un on – clip-share. It is a reflective meditation on the Holy Spirit with the quotations from the holy Bible. Jesus ape wiilasin Sinhala Hymn rameshpigera1. Oba sulagile elli,sinhala hymn Asha Teacher. I hope this video will be an aid to be prayerfully fil. The most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be in your darkest days – when your heart is broken, when you feel abandoned and crushed.


Terrence Kithsiri Perera; for the collection of compositions by him; released as a group of albums by the name “Mama numba kisida”. Shudathmeni sinhala hymn Creative Zone. This version beautifully vocalized by Rev.

ginnak wilasin hymn

Credit is due to the following: Jeewanaye saminda Sinhala Hymn sn Epa kala by nimesh Fernando Sinhala geethika Krishan Gunarathna. Shudhathmayaneni Shudhathmayaneni Follow Jesus.

Shudathmeni Download

Yinnak are the way the truth and the life. Sinhala geethika Shudhathmeni wadinna by pio anandappa Krishan Gunarathna. Echeveria, OSA Interpreted by: We need the Holy Spirit in order to have the guidance of God in our life. Year of Faith-Sinhala Hymn. May the Holy spirit comfort your soul and spirit as we worship the king of kings Yeshua!

Ginnak Wilasin (Sinhala Hymn) | sinhala hymn | Holy spirit, Holi, Songs

It’s a Holy Spirit song. Its on his collection of albums called “Mama numba kisida”. Holy Spirit you are the fire in me. For more videos please check out – bit. This a live worship stream hmyn you to be anointed with the holy spirit. Sisil Kumara and Ms.


ginnak wilasin hymn

This is my second video. It is titled as ‘Samidun wenuwen’. Reach us on – Website: Also it’s a song of prayer.