As we are a rolling release distribution with quarterly snapshots, you should expect four roll-up releases this year. PV January 20, at 9: The people who thought that Gnome 3 was a good idea must be on a different planet to me it’s absolutely awful! I see an explanation as to why you didn’t install this distribution to an external hard drive – is that what you meant? Anonymous January 19, at 6:

fuduntu 2012.1

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One annoying thing was that the first few times I clicked the RPM file to get the RPM installer to work, the program would lag a lot and then 0212.1 out an error message.

This is now installed by default. This would serve two purposes: The default desktop theme Fuduntu Classic and the font Google Droid Sans were also changed in this release, making Fuduntu more likeable.

fuduntu 2012.1

Montee Fudunti 20, at 9: I meant it in this sense: Neither option is particularly nice. Works like a charm and is stable. Whatever it is, though, it doesn’t inspire confidence. The default productivity suite is the web application Google Docs as before. At the same time, I was eager to get right into trying out desktop effects. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?


Fuduntu download

This cycle focused on many improvements under the hood, including core platform updates like GCC 4. I actually apologize 201.1 being a little too harsh about your “Linux sucks” comment.

Hiding processes from other users, get geographical location of IP address. Andrew Wyatt announced the release of Fuduntu Will it force Fuduntu to move forward?

Many new packages are available in the repository including Xfce 4. At least Fuduntu has an easy accessible dock at the bottom. LinuxGameCast – MP3.

fuduntu 2012.1

Approximately a Year Later: In the end, Fuduntu fits in a very interesting niche. I don’t think it’s the first because there is 1. I did find it in the repositories, so I went ahead and installed it.

In fact, I was almost about to buy one this winter break, but I have decided to hold of on such a purchase for a while because of high hard drive prices stemming from the floods in Thailand from a few months ago. A good review is made when software is installed in a real or virtual machine, live cd are a good thing, but some software and the stability of the 2102.1 is only a matter of luck It is powered by Linux kernel 3.

The issue is now fixed but I can not blaim her. This release comes with many improvements, including many bug fixes, new features and applications. I can probably do that next week though. The problem with LibreOffice is just that the binaries in the RPM haven’t been stripped so they are bigger than they need to be.


I feel like those might have worked better; you’re right that it’s unfortunate that KDE still has basic issues like wireless connection issues, but I don’t think it’s entirely fair to pin it on Linux as a whole.

Thankfully it looks like too many people know about how bad the SOPA and PIPA bills are to not take fudyntu, and it looks like sponsors of those bills are dropping like European honeybees. After that they may need or want to move to Fedora or Debian and family to get more packages and a more rounded out Linux experience. All Now let’s get back to the main post.

Unfortunately i cannot say the same for Fedora, had several stability issues 7 months ago.