Highlights In reality very bright image parts are predominant when being out off focus see image below. An example to illustrate the problem is a fence in front of the camera that is so much out of focus that it’s hardly noticeable in the resulting image. Move your finger around slightly to see the effect better. This single image took over five minutes to calculate with a Q using all four cores. Now the plugin would have to make up what’s behind that fence completely. Stochastic or super sampled ray traced blurs suffer from artifacts if not enough samples are used. But slight distortions help adding to the believability of your comp.

frischluft depth of field after effects

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For example, here is a scene with similar blur settings. The Out of Focus plugin provides the possibility to completely replace the aperture with a custom image.

‘useful’ tutorials on using Frischluft Lenscare depth of field : Adobe After Effects

It creates a blur with constant radius over the complete image and is a good complement to ‘Depth of Field’. Thus the plugins offer the possibility to select parts that are supposed to be brighter and give those boost.

frischluft depth of field after effects

I see the different in the fine details and edge areas. Please note that the After Effects version was honestly adjusted to look as good as possible. Unfortunately common graphic formats cut of bright parts.


If you had to name your three favourite plugins for After Effects which. Gaussian and fast blurs can’t produce highlights like these. FL Depth of Field can use depth data from a 3D render to create a. Imagine what you can save on animations. The depth of field plugin generates those fast as a post process. A wide range of apertures can be simulated.

frischluft depth of field after effects

It’s possible to use a custom drawn lens in addition to the generateable ones. All it does is duplicate the layer, blur it and mix the blurred and unblurred version together through the zDepth image. Therefore the filters offer the possibility to alter the lens apertures form to simulate several kinds of real cameras.

Lenscare enables you to add depth of field and focus effects to your 3D. Hope this helps, Barend Raamw3rk – digital storytelling and visual effects. It is a plugin for Photoshop but works on image sequences as well and produces phenomenal results.

‘useful’ tutorials on using Frischluft Lenscare depth of field

Check out this comparison of Brazils depth of field with Lenscares. Frischluft Lenscare is a pack of plugins that help you achieve quality camera blurs. Counter-Strike Global Offensive V1.

That example is using a square fast blur algorithm that looks like crap. Frischluft’s DOF plugin is great.

frischluft depth of field after effects

Out of Focus ‘Out of Focus’ is a fast version that works without depth information. Now look through the blurred region on whatever is behind. In a lot of situations you can save hours of render time for just a couple of seconds per frame in post processing. When looking through a blurred object the background is distorted due to that object.


Out of Focus is a fixed blur, that applies the same amount of defocus to the whole layer although it can be animated like a regular blur. Here is a comparison of the After Effects standard depth of Field filter compared to Lenscares.

I would say that it does a similar effect, but with massively more control and friscnluft.

Fl Depth Of Field Plugin For After Effects Free

Lenscare offer lots of options to adjust Lens Apertures to match specific looks. Thanks for posting that. Quality Plenty depth of field and out of focus solutions are available. In case you haven’t seen it check out 3rd and or for some of the best work I’ve seen effcts the Depth of Field effect Local is the new global. This single image took over five minutes to calculate with a Q using all four cores.