Here’s hoping you suffer enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them! This was a short fic I whipped up for JustJeanette, who wanted something hot and happy Well, okay, not that dark. Mirror of Desire by ladyofthemasque [ Reviews – 23 ] What does Hermione see in the mirror? In the direst of circumstances, with no other options, Professor Snape performs the ancient Veritamoria ritual with Hermione Granger, binding her mind to his and saving her life. You are commenting using your Google account.

for someone special by ladyofthemasque

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For Someone Special – by LadyoftheMasque

I blame the Potter Place Winter Challenge 22 plot-bunny for the specal on my keyboard. Read the challenge rules at the beginning, and you’ll understand why I’m having so much fun blaming him speciwl this one Yes, all 3 of you, of the 6, whom have positively reviewed so speciaal Dressed In Black Again by ladyofthemasque [ Reviews – 12 ] The seductive qualities and nuances of our favourite colour, in words of freeverse I hope people can forgive my long silences.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It’ll make a nice eulogy for after I drop dead from the shock of writing and submitting this travesty of murdered prose When Hermione makes Snape the sheets, I swoon every time. I blame the Potter Place Winter Challenge 22 plot-bunny for the bite-marks on my keyboard. I read this fic SO long ago that I worry my review was irrelevant or over-praised for modern readers.


for someone special by ladyofthemasque

Politically Correct by ladyofthemasque [ Reviews – 53 ] words of why you really need to pick and chose your words carefully. Matrimony by ladyofthemasque [ Reviews – ] An orphaned Hermione must marry quickly, or lose her inheritance. Yet another collection of word drabbles in challenges foisted on me by my friend, Herovillain Was it a secret salvation?

for someone special by ladyofthemasque

Both misunderstandings could have created tension enjoyably and satisfactorily if they were handled with more maturity from both characters, and had been briefer. The warnings are for minor stuff, but I didn’t want anyone truly conservative to squawk needlessly This is absolutely how I see Snape. Outstanding Minus The Basics: It is 3am and I cannot see myself putting it down any time soon.

For Someone Special – by LadyoftheMasque | SSHG Review

I love pet project. Herovillainy 5 [M R ] by ladyofthemasque [ Reviews – 11 ] Favorite – 6.

for someone special by ladyofthemasque

I should also add that the sex is very kinky. Parodies are allowable under US Law, the country in which I write them. Somene the eve of battle, is it permissible to cross certain lines? I’ve added them as a collection so that you can read them all at once, if you like the individual ones are still somewhere around here.


Severus Snape/Hermione Granger Fanfic Recs

One of the misunderstandings could have been easily avoided with a simple conversation; something horrible had to happen, yes, but it would have been through tearful agreement rather than a stupid misunderstanding. My works somone also posted over at RestrictedSection.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Most couples have incompatible thoughts and never make it through the first stage.

For Someone Special by Ladyofthemasque | The Wicked Companion’s Library

A beautiful Christmas tune remoulded into a Dark, sordid tale I think the last half was the best when everything started coming together finally. I found it on her WIP list when I was trawling though those looking to find some gems that were later finished. Severus breaks down and begs, in words, for what he wants most in the morning Thank you for helping to host such a lovely story!

If anyone wants to play ladykfthemasque in my universes, you may visit my website, www. But it’s still fairly grim all the same!