Outline Extraction Outline data can be created easily on “Trace Simply” screen. The letter is partially not displayed. The following functions have been change [Ver8. When selecting and plotting the data including a pass which makes indication or non-indication in layer, Illustrator freezes. Article 4 Term of Validity The term of validity of this agreement starts when the customer installs this software. In CF, output condition was not applied correctly. When recognizing register marks, head withdrawal function can be now used after cutting.

finecut8 for illustrator

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ID cut function is installed. Intermediate Registration Marks output. Output to a plotter by LAN connection.

finecut8 for illustrator

Software License Agreement By installing this software, you agree to be bound by this illuetrator. When reading the plot file with open pass by [Import Plot File] function, the unintended lined is displayed. Moreover, it must not be transferred, leased or sublicensed to the third party. By your continuation of browsing, we will regard that you have agreed to the use of cookies.

FineCut8 for Illustrator | MIMAKI ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.

This software must not be transferred or licensed to the third party or purchased from it as secondhand goods. When the midpoint of Bezier curve between 2 anchor points exist on a straight-line, an unintended line is cut.


Simultaneous frame extraction Outer and inner frames are simultaneously extracted using the frame extraction function. The status of this agreement must not be transferred, either. RasterLink 6 Plus ver1. Article 4 Term of Validity The term of validity of this agreement starts when the customer installs this software. Article 2 Limitations This software must not be copied against the provisions of this agreement. This software means the software, related data and the copy of this software which we supply to you.

finecut8 for illustrator

I Accept More info. Then, detect the register marks with the cutting plotter. Enlarge the area to paint in red around the register mark to prevent occurring the register mark detection error. Related data means printed text data supplied with this software or printed data which we may supply subsequently.

This software must not be transferred, licensed or resold to the third party or transferred, licensed or purchased from it by rental or false rental activity. CF When a printer prints data with ID and a cutting plotter detects the ID, it can cut automatically by the function.

Ginecut8 Illustrator CS6 ver.

Only for the model which has register detection function excluding CF3. Online Information Notifies the latest information of FineCut including update and announcement.

Finecut 8 for illustrator

Article 3 Limitation of Warranty It is not warranted that functions contained in this software suit the intended use of the customer. This finecit8 is terminated immediately, without our notice, if the customer does not follow any clause of this agreement. When arranging copy more than 20 times in every direction on [Copy] function in the plot dialogue, Illustrator is slow down and becomes inoperable finally.


When deleting all media names and clicking the mouse on the output condition setting dialog, Illustrator will abend. Detect a register mark at the surface of printing and cut out the outer frame illustratot register mark, and machine can cut from the reverse side or draw ruled line.

finecut8 for illustrator

Conditions for using ID cut: To perform separately frame cut and reverse cut in two processes, separated operation of frame and data cutting can be performed at separate timing. Trotec UniDrive ver Cutting path is created at 0.

FineCut8 for Illustrator Ver Upgrade (Illustrator CS6 – CC 64 Bit) | Software | MIMAKI

Double-click and decompress the downloaded file. The closed figure which consists of two anchor points is not cut.

In CF, output condition was not applied correctly.