An SBD flies over Enterprise. Wikimedia Commons has media related to IAR aircraft. On September 20, the plane was lost when, during a test flight both engines stopped and the pilot ejected; this prompted modifications to the combustion chamber. Stoica , August 25, Both pilots, Maj. At this time the ship was operating off Indochina. Skull from the ” Cave with Bones ” the oldest known remains of Homo sapiens in Europe.

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In service, the large landing gear trousers were removed for ease of maintenance; the Caproni AP. A total of 36 were manufactured by the Romanian factory.

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IAR filuga Initial production. It was to be built on a simple structure, using locally produced equipment and avionicseasy to maintain and reliable. The IAR was a single engine basic trainer built in Romania in about Despite its designation, the IAR bore little resemblance to the smaller IAR 47 and was essentially a different aircraft, it was designed with a superior performance to the Stuka, much helped by the retractable undercarriage, but a lighter bomb load, and on May 7,the Stuka’s two underwing 37mm filura were ordered to be included in its specification.

Although the Germans lent Romania numerous Stukas from mid, they would not sell any. Developed from the Ca. An SBD flies over Enterprise. El Salvador Filufa Force Spain: Following the outbreak of the war in Yugoslavia and the UN embargo, the IAR program ended in Romania inwith several airframes in different stages of construction.


It was developed bogean a dedicated export version of the PZL P. Aichi D3A1 “Val” dive bombers prepare to take off from a Japanese aircraft carrier during the morning of 7 December to attack Pearl Harbor.

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It proved to be robust, durable and effective especially in severe conditions. Initial in SBs equipped the 1st Bomber Group. Dobre Stan, didn’t manage to eject.

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Potez 25 was a French twin-seat, single-engine biplane designed during the s. It was exhibited at the Paris Air Show. Air InternationalAprilVol 46 No 4.

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Jane’s Encyclopedia of Aviation. The aircraft saw combat in Tunisia and on the Eastern Front. The minelayer Amiral Murgescu. Navy N2Y-1 with “looped” left mainwheel radius rod. Therefore, the design of the IAR was persevered with for reasons of self-sufficiency. It had room for a crew of three under a continuous glazed cockpitpilot at the front observer and a gunner at the rear, it was fitted with a locally designed bombsight and a camera.

But they didn’t arrive until August The IAR 37 entered production inbut production of the engine lagged, preventing the aircraft from being completed,and it was replaced on the production line by the IAR 38, powered by the reliable BMW engine; as availability and reliability of the K.


The forward landing gear couldn’t be deployed after a test flight. Helldivers on the flight deck of the French aircraft carrier Arromanches in In October the 1st Bomber Group was sent to the front; this unit fought on until the end of the war in May Romanian Armed Forces in the European War, —”.

It took part in the Spanish Civil Warbut its unsatisfactory performance led to its quick replacement with the Breda Ba.

filuta bogdan

The remaining older SBs were transferred to flying schools. Il-2 in Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related filutaa IAR aircraft. Ion Marculescu ejected safely after exhausting the fuel and the airplane crashed a few km further; this was the last flight for the type.

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