Indicate whether you have a passcode or a license file and then click Next. In the case of such a failure, it is possible to set up the connection as follows:. If errors occurred during installation this window issues a notification. If you choose Custom , select the features to install. Send them to suggest comsol. Choose the install set— Full , Minimal , or Custom —a nd then click Next.

femlab 3.1

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In SolidWorks, go to the File menu and c hoose Open. You can adapt, expand, and modify the supplied models to suit individual modeling needs, so an entry in this library can serve as a starting point for your own models.

Coil in Femlab

You can perform free-form entry of custom partial differential equations PDEs or use specialized physics application modes. This add-in should appear on the SolidWorks user interface in the Add-Ins list that appears under the Tools menu. New users can find the passcode or the license file in an email or letter from their sales representative.

Now the Install Complete window appears. The installer now copies files to the specified folder this process might take several minutes. A passcode has a form similar to: By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies.


In fact, we consider the Model Library to be a valuable reference work on its own. If you choose Customselect the features to install. Enter your user information: Log Out Log In Contact.

Benchmarking Femlab 3.1i: Solid Structural Mechanics

If you are installing it with a passcode, no license manager is needed. I was used to model fluids and this is my first attempt in electromagnetics You may be asked for both CD 2 and CD 3 in some cases. Send a report to the moderators. Once you have read the license agreement, click the I accept the terms of the License Agreement button and then click Next. fempab

Since we released the first version of FEMLAB inwe have been continually committed to making the leading developments in our field accessible to the scientific, research, and engineering communities. Click Close when the Documentation and Models Installer window has finished its work.

femlab 3.1

To start a new discussion with a link back to this one, click here. The following Install Complete window appears if installation is complete documentation or models. This addition of bit support for bit platforms along with a new multigrid solver-accelerator means that the size of the problems FEMLAB can handle is increased by at least a factor of 10 to These physics modes consist of predefined templates and user interfaces already set up with equations and variables for specific areas of physics.


Because the model files already come with the mesh and the solution, you can immediately try out various postprocessing options. In addition, you can be remlab we’ll add Windows on the AMD64 to our list of supported platforms when it becomes available.

femlab 3.1

If you have a license file, enter the path to an existing femkab file or click Choose to select the file license. Each model includes extensive documentation including technical background, a discussion of the results, and a step-by-step description of how to set up the model. Thank you for any help!

[PDF] Benchmarking Femlab i: Solid Structural Mechanics – Semantic Scholar

Please login with a confirmed email address before reporting spam. And the files in this forum are. If femlag do not hold an on-subscription license, you may find an answer in another Discussion or in the Knowledge Base. Where can I find it? Posted Oct 21,7: FEMLAB is the first engineering tool that performs equation-based multiphysics modeling in an interactive environment.

If you select Noproceed to Step In the case of such a failure, it is possible to set up the connection as follows:.