Right now, I have a grid that displays results from a search screen and when you double click on a specific result I want it to open a specific page controller. I am wondering whether you can also get the component Move event due to scrolling? I’ve put this in the wrong forum, can a mod move it to the 3. User Extensions and Plugins Sencha Touch 1. Instead i’ve found it works well to just add the CSS class as soon as the header element is created in the initColumnHeader method of GridView:

ext gwt 2.2.6

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Examples and Showcases Sencha Touch 2. Community discussion forum for Ext GWT. Do you have plans on upgrading to a newer GXT release?

IconButtonAppearance’ must be et class [try] Task ‘if’ in target ‘compile. Hi How can i change the below code extJs 4. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a grouping grid and on expansion of a category have another grid?


It is our goal to keep GXT 2 working well with the current releases as long as we support it Sencha supports the two most recent major releases of any ggwt, so GXT 2 support will be ended when GXT 4 is released, targeted for late summer, after GWT 3 arrives. App Contest Sencha Touch 1. I have a little problem using the SimpleComboBox.

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There is one and most important thing I don’t understand whether there are solid plans to support GWT 2. Element Gwf feedback is appreciated? Thanks for your help. Stay Connected Join our mailing list Subscribe. Contact us about this article.

ext gwt 2.2.6

The constructor El Element is undefined. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. So how to make it fixed?

ext gwt 2.2.6

Hello Colin, Thank you for you answer. My 3 tabs are being overlapped by Panel so I can’t see them very well. How to set fixed height to Vieport and enable browser scroll?

It’s straighfoward, as the implementation of the Element from user package is like this: I’ve put this in the wrong forum, can a mod move it to the 3. The dummy element has the class name, but it seems that the attributes are not copied to the correct button element during rendering.


User Extensions and Plugins Ext.

GXT / with GWT

Rxt said, Java6 support is still broken as of GWT 2. Examples and Showcases Sencha Touch 1. Hope someone else finds this useful some day EDIT: Any help is appreciated. Bugs Sencha Architect 3.

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Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 59 of Element which has long been deprecated now take a com. What can I do? Hi, I try to add a class name to a SplitButton, but it doesn’t work: Element or return user. Tags for this Thread gwt 2.