In the realm of pretty, atmospheric black metal, I may not be an expert but I suspect that Sunbather is far from one of the worst in the genre. George Clarke’s piercing but muffled howl, while admittedly rather impressive, is completely monotonous. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The music for “Sunbather” is well executed, it has some really catchy melodic guitars, some catchy beats, the whole album is pretty catchy and soothing. The songs were well crafted, using the long drags of black metal to gradually lead the listener to the emotional post-rock crescendos. Deafheaven plays a mixture of black metal and post rock, and throws some shoegaze into the mixture.

deafheaven sunbather album

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The black metal parts, when taken separately from the rest of the music are quite simply not very good, same with the post rock parts. I’d much sooner recommend ‘Sunbather’ to a fan of Godspeed You! Sometimes works are just perfect for what they are; this is one of them. Well too bad it sounds like something Billy Joel was using to warm up for the 52nd Street sessions and then promptly discarded it because that’s what it was, sunbathsr paper.

There’s a certain focus and energy in black metal that only the stark repetition of blastbeats can accentuate properly, a passionate release of anger that with guitars that respond and acknowledge that the release in itself is cathartic with a prominent melody.

The mix might be helping me view the drumming in a more positive light than it deserves though. The flurry of active tremolo riffs after three minutes of lackadaisical clean guitars is supposed to be “bursting” out at me or something, but the two disparate elements never really feel connected.


You see, most reviewers I know and trust have been pretty lukewarm about this album, whereas others with taste I rarely mesh with and unknown noobs and noted hipsters and whatnot have just been showering this with praise.

Deafheaven – Sunbather – Music

Write a customer review. In contrast to the loud parts, we have the “soft” sections, which are acoustic guitar arpeggios or chords which may or may not have drumming underneath.

deafheaven sunbather album

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. One of the most one dimensional you’ve ever heard, but also easily ignored Imagine yourself as a newcomer to black metal and zunbather just heard In the Nightside Eclipse.

Vocals are a one dimensional shriek spouting such melodramatic nonsense that would make Dani Filth weep for our future. Through hybridization and attempting to create a superior sound through synthesis of styles, Deafheaven have lost what made the parent styles beautiful in the first place. On top of the mediocre guitars and songs, the vocals are just abysmal.

Sunbather offers a very original sound. SubrickJanuary 30th, Aside from the heavy-handed dynamics, it’s rather shocking how one-dimensional Sunbather manages to be. However, dsafheaven seem to drag on in certain places.

Out of all the albums that came out inDeafheaven definitely were in my “top 5” with this release. Everything is thrown together and compressed subnather the same depth within the songs, and it all blends together. This is pretty much the extent of the emotional expression contained in this album, aside from some “reflective” clean guitar pieces that accomplish the same thing sans the pretending to be a abum band part of it.

deafheaven sunbather album

The vocals are mediocre and typical. It’s like a painting with a sunny setting where the main object of focus is in complete dissonance with the setting, channeling a angry melancholy.

This album almost seems, in a way, bipolar thanks to these musical ideas; this album does an amazing job with creating a “duality effect” because of the soft, warm ambience and the classic black metal influenced sound that shines through like the summer sun on a sparkling-clean windshield. If there is a bass I cannot hear it, predictably buried.


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Dip it in sugar to make rock candy and deagheaven will eat it up. Now, this will be an experimental review for me for a few reasons.

There’s only about a minute of sunbatjer before the onslaught continues. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. I sweated against the leather. After five minutes, the band fades to slow, thoughtful clean guitar.

Buy the selected items together This item: On the subject of the album’s lyrics, I’ve seen many people take issue with the fact that the lyrics are as inane and ultimately meaningless as they are, and I was fairly confident of liking this album- the super cool album cover, reports from various people-whom-I-respect of the album’s quality and what seemed like a general consensus as to how well it mixed post-rock with black metal.

The melancholic songs featured in the album include wall of sound arrangements that are found in many shoegazing and post-rock acts, producing dense sounds that sometimes breakdown into slower, melodic parts that are then topped with vocalist George Clarke’s reverb-soaked screaming style singing of lyrics.

deafheaven sunbather album