It iterates through password space, creating passwords that fit the length and character set requirements specified, hashes them, and checks for a match. The Cryptohaze tools are a set of GPU. If you get a “Cuda error: It allows multiple hosts to participate in shared cracking for the same task without any of the complicated splitting of the workspace and integrating results that other tools often require. This page has been accessed 10, times.

cryptohaze multiforcer

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CUDA-Multiforcer – GPU Powered High Performance Multihash Brute Forcer – Darknet

For a full list of ccryptohaze line options, look at the wiki page. This may not work perfectly yet with all hash types – if you find a hash type it does not work properly with, either submit a patch or file a bug.

Otherwise, don’t bother with it. Remote hosts should then crtptohaze to the server. For network clients, this will cause it to sit quietly and not display much output. This contains improvements developed in the last 5 years of work, and is much more modular. This should allow the tools to run – let me know in the forums if you still have issues. There has been very little development in the promising Rainbow Table technology over the past several years.

The file specified with “-u” should have one character set per line, and these will be used in the corresponding positions in the password.


The Cryptohaze Multiforcer is a high performance multihash brute forcer with support for per-position character sets, and very good performance. Performance holds very solid with large lists, such that on a suitable server, cracking a list of 1 passwords is not significantly slower than cracking a list of This will read the first line from the charset file and use it for all positions in the password.

For more frequent updates, check out the Cryptohaze Blog.

They are well suited to cracking small numbers of cry;tohaze quickly, and custom tables can be generated if you have specific needs. This enables the network server and puts the multiforcer into server mode, where it listens for clients to connect.

cryptohaze multiforcer

Cryptohaze Multiforcer Supported Hashes. For very large problem spaces, the default may require too much memory. There is a definite demand for this!

Cryptohaze Multiforcer Parameters

If set, this will only use a single GPU specified by the device option, and will not use the curses display. If you are interested in helping to port the tools to OpenCL, drop me a line!

It uses each line for the position in the password. This is useful to tune the performance – lower options improve screen responsiveness and allow the system to be used during cracking, while larger options increase performance but make the system GUI unusable.

The file will be appended, not overwritten. And the uptime of an nVidia server may compensate for the reduced performance. Cryptohaze tools are aimed at providing high quality tools that run on any platform – Windows, Linux, or OS X.


Multiforcwr, not all hash types are supported in this mode, but unsalted hashes should be. Adds some seriously verbose output at places as well as eliminating the curses display. Cryptohaze is the home of high performance, open source, network-enabled, US-based cross-platform GPU and OpenCL accelerated password auditing tools for security professionals.

cryptohaze multiforcer

For a per-position charset file, use the “-u” option. The option “-l” forces the use of a MB bitmap in device global memory that speeds cracking of multiple hashes.

OpenCL support is present for the rainbow table tools, and is present in the new alpha Multiforcer.

cryptohaze multiforcer

There is currently no intention to support the Multiforcer with untrusted clients. Information on how to use this and free servers. This is also the reason for the support forum.

CUDA-Multiforcer – GPU Powered High Performance Multihash Brute Forcer

While this could be done, right now it is not being done. The best option is a headless Linux server with a very high end GPU in it. One hash per line as follows: