Follow the steps below to do that: Follow the steps below to do that:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Launch Programs and Features in windows. The steps that follow will show first how to create an IIS application for cgi-bin which maps the IBM Cognos Analytics gateway modules to the application pool that was created in method 2 above. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


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If you are shown any other pages, just exit out of all of them.


Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Two types of gateways available to connect to cognos. Change the value for Enable Bit Applications to True.

Configuring IIS in Cognos Analytics

If you are using Microsoft IIS as your web server and you plan to run more than one IBM Cognos Analytics product, or several instances of the same product, on one computer, you must perform a series of procedures:. Select IsapiModule from drop down. Subscribe to Blog Updates. You will need to do some more work on it, but not until you get to step 9. Handler Mappings under the Feature View of cgi-bin application. Server Architecture IBM Cognos Analytics uses a web-based multi tier server architecture that is made up of three server tiers: In the Actions pane click Add, enter the path to either cognosisapi.


In the Alias field, provide a name for the virtual directory, such as ibmcognos. Rahul Pathak Rahul Pathak 8 6 6 bronze badges. In this example the directory would be D: For this example the URL would be: This is the extension that allows IIS to function as a reverse proxy.

Change CGI to ISAP

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Within the actions pane click Add Module Mapping.

In the Physical path field, specify the coynosisapi of the webcontent sub-directory within the IBM Cognos Analytics gateway install. To change to cognosisapi. I hope you cofnosisapi enjoyed this tutorial! Up 0 Down Reply Cancel. Expand the navigation tree and highlight the cgi-bin node located under your virtual directory.


A question that we very often get asked is this: Click Add and type the following name: This is a mandatory value and cannot be any other value.

IIS serves its contents to clients by exposing a virtual directory tree. If application is big and having huge data load then IBM recommendation is to use cognosisapi. This procedure provides the steps required to setup the reverse proxy to allow IIS to rewrite the gateway requests and pass them to the application tier.



Provide the required details to the Add Module Mapping dialog. Now that you have installed the ARR extension, you can proceed with setting up the reverse proxy. True over 4 years ago. Launch the Cognos installer executable. If things are setup successfully then you should now be able to see your Cognos Analytics login screen.

Bob McCoy over 4 years ago. Open up using Cofnosisapi Check those files for the following entry: