This is a pretty bad design flaw in those plugins. There was a discussion here about that: The Cinebrass libraries are really designed to be packaged together. So I guess if I could only have one, maybe it would be pro, but I’d still be torn. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. There are also Daniel James’ Walkthrough Vids that show each in action.

cinebrass 1.1

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So I guess if I could only have one, maybe it would be pro, but I’d still be torn.

To an extent, I think that the Core vs Pro choice if there must only be one really depends on your other libraries. If you are only icnebrass the ‘Fixed’ CineBrass sound set that is likely the issue – the ‘Fixed’ type sound set doesn’t load sounds automatically.

cinebrass 1.1

Generally I’d turn to Core first. Back to top All threads. There is no right or wrong decision here. I have the latest versions of both VEPro and Kontakt 4. Hi, Is anyone else experiencing an issue where the Cinebrass GUI specifically the Mapping buttons down the left hand side don’t function when Kontakt is loaded as an instance in VEP but do work conebrass Kontakt as stand-alone?


cinebrass 1.1

I’m interested in purchasing a Cinebrass library during the Cinesamples summer sale. Activate and Deactivate are also greyed out. Never used to have these problems before updating to cinebrass 1.

VE Pro & Cinebrass GUI – Vienna Instruments & Ensemble Software – FORUMS – Vienna Symphonic Library

Posted on Thu, Oct 06 I downloaded it with the cinrbrass yesterday. Also tried rescan and restart. Could you be a little more specific? Echoes in the Attic Senior Member.

cinebrass 1.1

I think I’ll be getting Cinebrass Pro first then. Forums Latest Posts Search forums. Hey guys, currently we do not support v1. That should not require any folders to be created: Seems to work fine. Had to create a folder for “Sounds” in Avid to put xml in but when I cinebrasw playback, nothing. We may implement a workaround for this somewhere in the future, but it would make more sense to contact the manufacturers of these plugins.

Cinebrass Pro or Core, which one first after 1.5 update?

You cannot reply to threads in this forum. Other good resources to help you decide is the Cinesamples Cinebrass walkthroughs where they walk you through most of the articulations in each. If I cinrbrass to Deactivte Sib Sounds 7 by hightlighting it, the deactivate still stays greyed out.


In has the huge epicness via the 12 horns and the Monster xinebrass brass. This happens with a few kontakt libraries. Any comment on VSL on this?

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As far as getting the 1. Sorry if I jumped the gun on this post.

As I say, this has nothing to do with the Cinebrass problem. The final answer would be get one now, buy the other later. It seems to me that Cinebrass Pro has considerably more content, particularly improved solo instruments as well as a solo Tuba I’d prefer to not always have a bass trombone with my Tuba parts.

The controls are missing!