I go through the installation, then when I click on the Peshka symbol, all I get is a white blank rectangle. I’ve spent the better part of the last 48 hours in correspondence with both support branches of ChessOK. Has anyone else had this issue? I beat a !!!! You can play chess locally, online or watch live chess games.

chessok peshka

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However, you may want to write to their customer supportand peshkx should be able to help you solve this issue: Within the first two days of having it, I’ve experienced just about every glitch under the sun, and as I type this, the wizard is completely unresponsive, meaning I cannot access the courses I paid for. They have a whole series of “stand alone” programs as well as ChessKing.

WineHQ – Peshka

Chess is the one of the oldest games on the Earth. Question about Lardy wgnoyes 22 min ago. Still, the program feels terribly buggy. Feb 15, 6.

Alternative to computer courses which use Peshka Interface

RussBell 8 min ago. Chess train your logical thinking and memory, so they became popular with children in school.


chessok peshka

Post your best miniatures here Peppypranu 22 min ago. Account Options Sign in. Game supports both short and long time controls bullet, blitz, standard. Play free chess online game with real players. I sympathize with your problem.

chessok peshka

Feb 13, 2. Get instant access to a super chessik database server with five million chess games. Are there alternatives to the Peshka Interface? Feb 13, 5. I suppose I joined at an inopportune time, as I’ve just gotten several emails from both technical and customer support, claiming that Peshka’s server was down for the last two days.

Cowards and Bad Sports Asmo2k 38 min ago. I get to practice beginner-level tactics with ease, and the intermediate-level tactics are much more comprehensive and permit me to practice calculation. You can add favorite players to peshak friends list to make them easier to find later.

chessok peshka

Has anyone else had this issue? From Beginner to Club Player. I’ve been using Peshk for many years, and I’ve always found a solution to my problems. Saved games can be shared via email, skype or jabber. chesssok

ChessOK Courses in Peshka – Chess Forums –

You can find a large number of partners of equal skill or close interests. I’ve been using Peshk on Win7 for many years without any noticeable problem?! Feb 13, 3. This course covers a wide cgessok of opening, middlegame and endgame subjects.


More than exercises quickly help beginners to form basic tactical vision.

ChessOK Courses in Peshka

The chief problem which remains is that the program, half the time, locks up and refuses to launch. Application cjessok very powerful engine for PGN import – it can handle majority of PGN features – standard notation, flash notation, SetUp tag and other. My question is this: Introduction to theory and practice, brings beginners to the club player’s level.

Cheapest way to buy is probably off ebay. I’ve spent the better part of the last 48 hours in correspondence with both support branches of ChessOK.