How do I upload my media for use with Centova Cast v3? You or your web Originally Posted by LankapartnerHost. How do I enable one of the alternate locales bundled with Centova Cast? Join Date Feb Posts 1, Sharing MP3s between streams is not supported directly by Centova Cast, but you can achieve the

centova cast v2.2.6

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Centova Technologies Forum – Centova Cast v White page – No error at all

This is much faster than copying them and avoids the consumption of double the disk space. The export utility will prompt you for your Centova Cast v2 and v3 administrator passwords: Log in to the server running Centova Ventova v2 and execute the following commands to download and invoke the export utility:.

centova cast v2.2.6

Please follow the steps mentioned below to add a custom album: Centova Cast installation required. We believe you centoa offer Low Cost SHOUTcast streaming without compromising on the servers, the service reliability and on the customer support you provide, and we intend to prove that! Check you have logged in as root. Changing Locales for a Single Account To change locales for a single account, edit the account Successfully imported account abc Importing account def Diagnosing cc-control crashes – aka Cluster host connection failure If you receive the following message: Can I customize this?


Upgrading From Version 2

Enter your root password for your Centova Cast v3 server to continue. All times are GMT The premium streaming service comes with options of Shoutcast v2. If in doubt, press enter to use the default port Could not execute query in For iPhone v2.6, you will need your own developer account with Apple for us to publish your app.

How to resolve Permissions Problems in Centova Cast? If Centova Cast is installed at http: How to start and stop all Centova streaming accounts? This is useful if the import job fails for any reason and needs to be restarted as a username conflict will normally cause the upgrade to abort. Generically, crossfade duration is the period of time during which a Media Player fades out one The whole process was actually really straightforward and the only thing I had to do was to apply a set of Debian instructions I found hereon CentOS.

The support parameters include: If your v2 server is running an earlier version of Centova Cast, it will need to be upgraded to v2. The result is the fastest possible load times, better Google rankings and less load on your servers! Dediserve is running on the OnApp CDN engine, and has over 60 locations all around the world at the time of writing.


SSH will be used to securely and efficiently transfer your clients’ files from your v2 server to your v3 server.

centova cast v2.2.6

Login Centova server as root. You have two options. There are two ways to Can multiple streams share the same server-side MP3s?

centova cast v2.2.6

Download their license key update utility Unzip the contents of the file to the root directory of your Centova Cast web files eg. Press S if you are using different servers for v2 and v3. How do I set up and use Amazon integration in Centova Cast?

Note that this will interrupt the audio broadcast for each of your streams, and will disconnect all listeners. Setting up a VPS.