Love the updates and new additions, so far I only have a few bugs to report on. Page 9 of Awesome Battle System anyway! However, he had to return to his default position. The only error on Individual Battle Commands was really an mistake, and i fixed it.

atoa custom battle system 3

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About the enemy sprite it’s a bit more complicated. I got an error for counter attack as soon as I attacked someone. Can you tell me what happens now? Neoz Kaho Thanks for the feedback. Google and 5 guests. Oh, and if this is not general enough, just say it, and state the price or your demands, I’ll think about it. The battleback script must be added bellow the battle main code, and above the Battle Camera33 patch must be bellow the Battle Camera.

Love the updates and new additions, so far I only have a few bugs to report on.

atoa custom battle system 3

I hope this fix the current bugs. Systwm United States of America Posts: Both commands are preferably can be called via event command Thanks in advance. You can try reproducing them.


atoa custom battle system 3 – Test drain.rar (4.90 MB)

Fri May 13, 6: You want ’em, you got em! Again, with the TypeError from ‘no implicit’ But i’m sure i fixed this on the last update, so it’s most likely you’re using the old Bestiary, as stated on the version history, you must add this line on the module, just replacing the code bellow the module won’t fix that.

Numeric value higher than zero. Impossivel ler script, o script nao existe.

atoa custom battle system 3

I successfully inputted the command, and got battke Tunico died so Atoa revived him. Do I have to? Quote these posts now or deselect them.

ACBS – Atoa Custom Battle System

The battle system is very good but I think I’ve found few bugs in add-ons. View a Printable Version. If you’re not using custom battlers, it’s because the battler pattern nattle different from the default So you must make an custom configuration for it. Page 1 of What a confusing and nebulous error.

This is a new addition so I am even less familiar with it than the others however customm this is a newer add-on I am pretty sure any errors made may be on your part. Numeric value higher than zero.


atoa custom battle system 3

Crono’s bar fills up first, then I wait for frog’s to fill up. Google and 5 guests. The error I received is included below for case study by the developer and in case it does happen to turn out to be something related to the total number of minutes played Content Hidden – Please enable JavaScript to view the contents of this spoiler Show Argh!

Either way, i will have a look at this and help you in any way i can. Last edited by Atoa on Thu Mar 12, 9: Tunico used Fira on Thanatos.