Someone from Camelot asked me, and Beyond the Beyond was the first thing I did with them. Sonic 2 Time Zone Hack. Mega Bomberman- Special 8-Player Demo. Greendog – The Beached Surfer Dude. They’re not very descriptive and often incomplete, but nice to have.

arcus odyssey ost

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Unused Ending Music 5: Ecco the Dolphin 2- The Tides of Time. Act 7 Boss aarcus I actually think writing music for only 3 channels is much more complex than writing normal music. Download vgz Add to Playlists. The sound is also better, since the YM has more channels and there are more drum samples.

I had never written music odyssdy that before, so it felt very fresh. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. The thing that I have to pay the most heed to, of course, is the schedule.

arcus odyssey ost

So the MD version lacks a channel, making the X version the definitive version. If you’ve enjoyed reading this interview and would like to be able to vote each month on what I translate, please odysswy supporting me on Patreon!


Arcus Odyssey OST Soundtrack – Arcus Odyssey OST Soundtrack

Censor Smiley Face Demo. Wonder Boy 3 – Monster Lair. Phantasy Star 4 – End of the Millennium. But the X had an even better sound, and it was kind of put on full display in those games. Terminator 2 – The Arcade Game.

Arcus Odyssey OST Soundtrack – Arcus Odyssey OST Soundtrack

Shadow of the Beast 2. No, not at all. As for my more recent games, the Valkyrie Profile and the Star Ocean series both have had arrange cds released. But the one invariable thing is that you must make the deadline!

arcus odyssey ost

A Fight with an Ally 1: Someone from Camelot asked me, and Beyond the Beyond was the first thing I did with them. In addition to composition, I also did a lot of the sound sampling myself for Valkyrie Profile, and in that regard too, I think it turned out very well.

Shinobi 3 – Return of the Ninja Master. Street Fighter 2 – Special Championship Edition. So yeah, as I said, it really does vary.


Then Granada and Final Axis… most of the remixes were done by me, but not all of them, I think one or two songs on each cd were done by someone else. Shining in the Darkness. After pdyssey, I released a solo album titled gikyokuonsou.

arcus odyssey ost

Pink Ardus to Hollywood. This interview with veteran composer Motoi Sakuraba from covers some obscure details of his early FM work, as well as his personal history and composition process.

Castomira – Dragon 1: After that, maybe Zan? Street Fighter 2′ Turbo. Pray for Victory 1: