Wednesday February 25 th. Public institutions, associations and other for-profit or non profit legal persons. Payment of the quarterly contribution for medications for the 3 rd quarter of Payment of the representation tax , 1 st instalment. Submitting the Situation on operations carried out in the manufacturing tax warehouse for the previous month Form annexes no. Wednesday April 15 th.

anaf 392b

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Wednesday September 30 th. Non — profit organizations.

anaf 392b

Submitting the Return on incomes estimated for associations with no legal personality and entities subject to fiscal transparency. Submitting the Application on using the half-year or calendar year as VAT tax period for the current year Form Friday January 9 th. Any payer of salary incomes or assimilated with salaries art.

Submitted by the legal persons incorporated between taxpayers provided in art. Public institutions, associations and other for-profit or non profit legal persons Subunits with no legal personality with no legal personality, with the registered office abroad, belonging to the persons provided in par.

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Wednesday November 25 th. Payment of taxes corresponding to the licenses for organizing games of chance, as well as the annual taxes corresponding to the authorisations for exploitation of games of chance, lotto and mutual bets — for the current year.

Friday June 5 th. Taxpayers who obtain incomes from independent activities, rental and leasing of goods except incomes from farmingagricultural activities 392n in real system, silviculture and pisciculture. Submitting the Value added tax special return for ansf previous month Form electronic format.


Monday June 1 st. Natural and legal persons having the capacity of employers, as well as the entities assimilated with the employer, having the capacity of dependent activities income 39b2 – Public institutions which calculate, withhold, pay and bear mandatory social contribution on behalf of the insured person.

anaf 392b

Public institutions which calculate, withhold, pay and bear mandatory social contributions on behalf of the insured person. Payment of the annual tax for the authorisation for exploitation of games of chance.

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Submitting the Return to register the individual household producing alcoholic beverages for own consumption, Form annex no. Taxable persons, registered for VAT purposes, according to art. Payment of the withholding tax for the last month. Taxable persons not registered or who anzf not have the obligation to register for VAT purposes in Romania, residing outside the Community, for the refund of the tax invoiced by other taxable persons and paid by them for the movable goods delivered or for the services provided in their benefit in Romania, as well as the tax paid for the import of goods in Romania for a minimum period of three months or a maximum period of one calendar year or for a period shorter than three months left from the calendar year.

Warehouse keepers authorised for excisable products manufacture. Declaring and payment of the corporate tax for the previous year.

Taxable persons not registered for VAT purposes according to art. Monday May 25 th.


anaf 392b

Submitting the Return on tax on crude oil from internal production for previous year Form electronic format. Friday July 10 th. Submitting the Return on obligations of payment to the state budget Form Submitted by the partner designated by partnership agreement and is filled in case of associations with no legal personality, incorporated between natural persons obtaining incomes from independent activities — commercial and liberal professions, including from adjacent activities, incomes from agricultural activities for which the annual net income is determined in real system and based on single — entry 392h system, as well as incomes from silviculture and pisciculture.

Economic operators holding end user authorisations energy products.

Monday July 27 th. Submitting 39b Excises return for the previous year. Submitting the Return on the value added tax due by the taxable persons which VAT registration code was cancelled according to art.

Payment of the contribution to the social health insurance system, corresponding to the 3 rd quarter.

Snaf the Return on distribution between partners of the incomes and expenses corresponding to the previous quarter. Payment of the construction tax, 1 st instalment.