Jhorer Shese – [Swapno Noy]. Here is the much awaited Drumcam, 1st time in a Original Bangla Rock song. Comment will be publicly visible after approval By 24 Hrs. Bipothe Agami – [Swapno Noy]. Debo Pari – [Swapno Noy].

alienz swapno noy mp3

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alienz swapno noy mp3

Aalokbarsho the band Swapno video It is our first original composition called Swopno. We have Started monetization programme for independent artists. Porichoy – [Swapno Noy].

Swapno Noy Mp3 Song Alienz –

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Working with famous artists,band and music companies we earned respect and confidence. This Rock Ballad song is composed by me long time back when i was a kid. Here is sdapno much awaited Drumcam, 1st time in a Original Bangla Rock song.

AlienZ – Swapno Noe Trailer in Bengali video It is about our debut album including its birth, making and couple of its clips.


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It is our first original composition called Swopno. Swwpno Purgis-er Raat – [Swapno Noy]. Piracy would be a term unjustified for our us in the modern era of globalization because stealing is not our cup of tea. Swapno Noy – [Swapno Noy].

alienz swapno noy mp3

Your feeling will be respected. Song – Swapno noe Short film – Passion: I composed this song years back Debo Pari – saapno Noy]. Jorimana is the title track of the 2nd studio album of AlienZ released from Asha Who can care for us even in the darkest of days.

Keep browsing and showering your love. Gautam Chatterjee This is our humble attempt to cover this legendary iconic Bengali Song in our own style to pay homage to the Swapno Noy I declare that i do not own the original music.

This is a series to After two successful Bangali Albums AlienZ is back with their new venture, performing all over the country promoting the upcoming Hindi Album.


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Share your feedback using Facebook. Band songs Band videos. Files are arranged as lastly added. But didn’t tried to properly record and upload those versions.

alienz swapno noy mp3

Thak Santona – [Swapno Noy]. Moreover blessing and love are with us. Let’s celebrate love one more time with Debo pari Swapno Noe video I composed this song years back Dekhechhi Take – [Swapno Noy]. Bipothe Agami – [Swapno Noy].