Have a look at the contacts on your Acekard, these are 2 of mine for you to compare it to: Freeze with Acekard 2. Thanks Norm and SMiths. Jul 12, Netherworld. Extracting from Archives 2. Fixed Soccer Tsuku DS:

akaio 1.7

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Updating the Acekard 2i’s firmware to 1. Separate names with a comma. In all cases, the save must have the same filename as the NDS file. April 28th Fixed Dragon Quest Monsters: Jan 3, From Where??? Setting up your MicroSD card. Alternatively you can enable or disable cheats on a per game basis, this will override akaoo selected option under ‘ Default Patch Options ‘.

Fixed Sports Island DS At the most it should be the thickness of a business card, no thicker. No, you don’t need to update the firmware if you will never use it on a DSi. Akkaio download click on each image, and extract the downloaded archive to the root directory on your MicroSD card.


akaio 1.7

Download and extract to the root directory of your MicroSD card, then double click on makedir. No, you can’t use SDXC cards. Cheats codes are updated regularly, TempDB is normally updated once or twice a week by elixirdream. Do It Yourself Nov 6, Germany.

akaio 1.7

SAV extension, these too will need to be renamed. I been out of the emulation scene for a bit, is this the latest version?


The Acekard’s firmware resides on the Acekard’s internal 2MB flash memory and is completly seperate. If so the the paper trick may solve the issue. If it’s not already done so in your skins archive, The files: Share This Page Tweet. Once locked without depressing the cart pull it out slightly. You can pull the PCB up with your nail so you can slide it underneath.

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No, Class 2 cards are normally fine while playing games. Format the MicroSD card and start again. You should report this problem on the Akaio forum too.


Like the loaders these can also be updated over WiFi. Yes, it will run DSi enhanced games, but in DS mode. Thanks Norm and SMiths. There are many customized skins you can use from places such as the skin section on Acekard’s website or NDSthemes aksio will change the way your Acekard looks. If this was the only cart you wanted to update, power off now!

akaio 1.7

Eject your cart and insert the cart you wish to update or unbrick. An alternative is the ‘sliding trick’ below. Sweet, downloading now, will post my findings.